25 Scholastics Receive Minor Orders

Quezon City – Twenty-five scholastics were installed into the Minor orders of Lector and Acolyte here at San Antonio Maria Claret Theology House, Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

Sixteen of the scholastics were instituted in the ministry of Lector: Schs. Jacob Moscare, CMF, George Suarez, CMF, Dante Boringgot, CMF, Mon Andrei Ebdani, CMF, Earl Narzabal, CMF, JM Guias, CMF, Kurt Uy, CMF, Rheadh Dela Torre, Sanny Delgado, CMF, Micheal Peñalber, CMF,  Nguyenduy Luong, CMF, Nguyen Hai, CMF, Paul Y, CMF,  Derrick Russel Tapel, CMF, Francis Dan Valiente, CMF,  Phil Ignatius Evale, CMF and ten for the ministry of Acolyte: Bros. Alvin Arcete, CMF, Sandy Bahia Jr., CMF, Jo Stephen Cagaanan, CMF, Ronelle John Recomono, CMF, Kevin Mark Rendor, CMF, John Baptist Tran Bin Hoa, CMF, Peter Duc Hien, CMF, Stephen Nang, CMF, and Joseph Lang, CMF.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Leo Dalmao, CMF, the Provincial Superior, and concelebrated by Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF, Fr. Amador Tumbaga, CMF, and Fr. Bernardo Blanco, CMF.

In his homily, Fr. Leo stressed out the readiness of taking responsibility into the missionary life. “I want you (scholastics) to take a stand and have conviction… understand the importance of ministry,” he said. Fr. Leo also gave the message of “not only the responsibility of the lector to read the Word of God but also witnessing the Word… and for the acolyte not primarily to liturgically serve but in preparation for priesthood.”

As part of preparation, the newly-installed lectors and acolytes were given conference on Minor orders by Fr. Ronnie Banaria, CMF a week before the installation.


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