3rd Day of the Provincial Chapter – Elections

The third day started with a Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Fr. Peter Van Dat, CMF. Breakfast Followed.

The morning session began with prayer led by Fr. Mau Ulep, CMF the moderator of the day’s session. It was followed by the reading of the minutes of the previous day by the Chapter Secretary it was approved after some corrections. Then, Fr Sammy Canilang, CMF and Fr. Amador Tumbaga, CMF, CMF gave a brief presentation of the Pre-Capitular Document. We were divided into five working groups to study and reflect on to the document. 

Right after the break, Fr. Henry discussed the directives on electing the provincial government and its term in accord with the Claretian Constitutions and Directories.  The morning session ended with a decision upon discernment and voting that the next government will be for a 6 year term.

The afternoon session started with an adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at 2:00pm at the Claret Retreat House Chapel in preparation for the election of the Provincial Government. 

At 2:30pm the Chapter Community proceeded to the Hall and the session started with an opening prayer led by the President. The proceedings of the election started with the reading of the provisions in the CMF Directory pertinent to the election of the Provincial Superior. The election process immediately followed by secret balloting. After several rounds of secret balloting, Fr. Elias Ayuban was elected as the new Provincial Superior of the Philippine Province.

While waiting for the confirmation from the General Superior and Vatican, because Fr Ayuban has a General Government assignment at the Congregation for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic life,  the Chapter Community took a recess for 30 mins. The session resumed, with the presentation of the reports on the result of the group discussions on the working paper of the Chapter documents in the morning. The floor was opened for discussion after each presentation. Comments, suggestions and clarification were given and were addressed.

While on the discussion, the session was suspended at 4:32pm, as the President announced that the elected Provincial Superior is formally discharged from his post in Vatican, thus the President formally confirmed the election after Fr. Elias he had expressed his acceptance of the election before the Chapter Community. The Chapter Community proceeded to the chapel and the Provincial Superior took his Oath of Fidelity.   

Right after, the session resumed, and the Provincial Superior presented his schema of government. The President opened the floor for the discussion on the presented schema. The norms on the CMF Directory pertaining to the structure of government were read by the Moderator and the Secretary. The Chapter Community determined the structure of government of the Province and that is four consultor with prefecture and the Prefect of Vocation and Youth to be created. After having determined the structure of government of the Province, the session proceeded with the election of consultors. After completing all the posts in the Provincial Government, the President formally presented to the Chapter Community the new Provincial Superior and his Consultors.

The following are the elected consultors:

  1. Fr. Ralden Mercadejas – Consultor and Prefect of Formation
  2. Fr. Lorenzo Miranda – Consultor and Prefect of Apostolate
  3. Fr. Amador Tumbaga – Consultor and Prefect of Spirituality
  4. Fr. Dennis Tamayo – Consultor and Prefect of Economy

The day’s sessions closed at 7:00 PM with Vesper. 

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