4th Day of the XV Provincial Chapter

The fourth day of the chapter started with a morning prayer led by Fr. Jay Coching, CMF. Breakfast followed.

The morning session started with an opening prayer led by the Moderator of the day, Fr. Alejandro Gobrin. The Chapter Secretary read the minutes of the third day of the Chapter and was approved with its corrections. Then Provincial Superior announced the appointments of: Fr. Ama Tumbaga, CMF as the vicar of the Province, Fr. Martin Ernest Ele, CMF as the new Prefect of Youth and Vocation and Fr. Efren Limpo as the Provincial Secretary.   

The session continued with the presentation of the group reports on the working paper for the Chapter Document. After the discussion of Governance and formation the session took a break the official photo of the Chapter Community was taken during the break in front of the Claret Retreat House façade. The session resumed and moved on to the presentation of the report on the area of Spirituality, Apostolate and Economy. A festive lunch followed as the Claretians from nearby communities came and joined the celebration.   

The afternoon session started with an opening prayer led by the Moderator. It followed by the discussion of the Juridical matters. The provisions from the CMF Constitutions and Directory were read and were explained by the President. The Chapter Community decided on the following:

  1. Composition of tellers of the Province will be the superiors of Mayumi, Curia and Theology House Community. The subsitutes will be the vicar of the respective communitites. 
  2. It was also decided that the Local Superiors, Local Vicars, and Local Economes shall be designated by the Provincial Superior and his Council.
  3. There is no need to designate a Permanent Board of the Province.
  4. That there shall be four (4) appointed delegates for the next Provincial Chapter.
  5. That local superiors shall have a maximum of two consecutive term in the same house.
  6. That the missionaries outside of their own country of the Philippine Province shall be given a vacation of two (2) months ever two (2) years and in some cases may ask the permission from the Provincial Superior.

Then, the copies of the final draft of the Chapter Document were released. Fr. Ama gave an overview of the draft and the members were asked to have an hour of personal study of the document. The plenary session resumed at 5:00pm and immediately proceeded to the review and editing of the final draft of the Chapter Document. Afternoon session ended with a Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Christopher Ligason, CMF. Dinner followed.

Evening session resumed to continue reviewing and editing the final draft. Evening session ended with a closing prayer led by Fr. Henry.

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