A ‘New Beginning’ in Bohol

From Totsi Escobia

Following the tradition of brotherhood and community life freshly recalled during Claret days, Boholano ex-Claretians took time out from their “busy” schedules and “wasted time” together to celebrate old friendship.

In the neatly-crafted cottage at Momoy Romerte’s residence, Boholano ex-Cla or ex-bros brought lunch and free time to reminisce the good (and the bad) old days shared beyond the portals of Claret Formation Center.

Joe Nazareno, Arnold Soletrero, Apareci and Totsi Escobia broke all rules and talked about memories.

It was fun recalling those years, mentioning other bros and padz who, in some way, helped in the formation of what we are today. No backbiting happened. It was just simple memory recall. We laughed and “pitied” those years.

The number could have been more had there been no conflicts. Danny Palgan, Boy Mesias, Danny Bantugan, Joseph Maligse, Peter Mende were not able to come although some were present during the first meeting.

Apart from the “stories,” there were also sinugbang isda, pork humba, chicharon, manggang hilaw, adobo and the famous bahalina (not the one from buri in Bunguiao). All were served as add-on blessings that poured that windy afternoon.

The beginning of a new enterprise, borrowed from our founder, Boholano ex-Cla vowed to make the event the beginning of a bigger gathering. Another meeting is set on October 21, three days before Claret’s Feast Day.

It’s good really to see old friends, reminisce the old days, and believe me, this will go on. Perhaps there will be no more reminiscing next time, but dreams on how we can help Claret in our little and humble way.

Remember, this is only the beginning. More are still to come.

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