Claret Philippines – Philanthropic Development office

A stewardship of Claretian Missionaries – Philippine Province

The Congregation of the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Cordis Mariae Filius -CMF) better known as Claretian Missionaries is a Roman Catholic community of missionary priests, brothers and lay people founded by St. Anthony Mary Claret to spread the Good News of our salvation, using all possible means, responding to what is more urgent timely, and effective.


Our education institutions are contextually immersed into the signs of the times to establish a more humane and just society allowing students to be formed intellectually, emotionally and psycho-spiritually.

-Fr. Amador c. Tumbaga, CMF


We respond to the pressing needs and concerns of the people entrusted to our care, organizing them to become more productive and responsible for peole, facilitating their growth towards a better way of life, nurturing harmonious relationships and integrity of wellbeing.

-Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF

mainstreaming empowered indigenous peoples

To understand the soul of each people, recognizing in them the signs of the presence of God, creating bridges and opportunities of encounter between the Gospel and all cultures, inspires us to journey with the vulnerable Indigenous Peoples (IPs) of the Southern Philippines: the Samal Bajaus, B’laan, Kaulo, and Subanen.

Bro. Joseph Roy D. Villarin, CMF

Innovative communications of god’s word

The emergence of the so-called e-content populated by millions of internet users led us to communicate the word of God in ways that are truly relevant in our time. Our publications like the Bible Diary and Daily Gospel are available online and printed in many languages: English, Pilipino, Cebuano, Vietnamese and soon in Burmese.

Fr. Julius Jose A. Coching, CMF

vocation promotion and lay collaboration for mission

We feel challenged to become active agents of an ecclesiology of communion-mission in which everyone (men and women) take part and nobody  is excluded; thus, we uphold our vocation ministry, formation of the youth and the lay people journeying with us.

Fr. Martin Ernest A. Ele, CMF

formtion of missionaries

We see the need to promote among ourselves a culture of fedelity to our  Claretian Missionary Vocatrion, to be increasingly aware of our duty not only to mutuallycare for each other respectfully, but also courageously and to welcome the Church’s call to credibility

Fr. Ralden P. Mercadejas, CMF

human resource and infrastructure development

We intently provide continuing formation and capability building among our lay collaborators and within our confreres, establishing quality structures, equipment and offices for the carrying out of our mission efficiently.

Fr. Dennis G. Tamayo, CMF

psycho-spiritual development

We offer opportunities and a place to renew one’s spirituality bringing awareness of Christ’s loving presence to face the darkness and light of life, freeing ourselves from fears, anger, hatred, sadness, pain and insecurities to give witness to Christ’s great love effectively shown thru selfless service to others.

Fr. Amador C. Tumbaga, CMF