AEYG 2015 + CF Execom 3rd Meeting Held

Quezon City – The Executive Committee of the ASCLA East Youth Gathering (AEYG) 2015 + Claretian Family met for the third time last Tuesday, February 18, 2014 to discuss and finalize the flow of the activities, the formation programs during the asian gathering and further discussed the details of the tasks that each committee has to do. The Provincial Superior of the Claretian Missionaries – Philippine Province released a letter of endorsement to all the claretian communities and to all branches of the Claretian Family and encouragement to support the event.

Below is the full text of the program.


In June 2013, Claretian Youth Directors from the four major organisms of the Claretian Missionaries namely East Asia, Indonesia-Timor Leste, Korea, and the Philippines, members of the Association of Claretians in Asia Eastern Conference (ASCLA-E) gathered together in Quezon City, Philippines to talk about their plans and programs for the youth of their different organisms and to decide on how to re-echo the World Youth Day 2013 for the youth of Asia.

At the end of the meeting, after much discussion and planning, the youth directors decided to hold and celebrate on August 3 to 8, 2015 in Quezon City, Philippines the 1st Association of Claretians in Asia East Youth Gathering (AEYG) together with the Claretian Family (CF) in the format of the WYDs held in Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. The gathering therefore is now known as AEYG 2015 + CF.


The theme of AEYG 2015 + CF is “Meet Him in the Cloud.” It is rooted in the Gospel of Matthew 17: 1-19, the story of the Transfiguration of the Lord of which feast falls on the 6th of August.

The divine aspects of the theme:Incarnation, Transformationand Transmission of the Faith. The human aspects of the theme: Security, Space, Storage and Identity. And the Claretian aspects of the theme: Mission, and Shared Mission.

The Cloud System

The “Cloud” system is a term used to denote an unlimited virtual storage of digital resources that can be remotely accessed using the internet. It may be a personal storage but could also be shared with others. While others simply refer to it as the internet itself. Numerous studies abroad had been conducted to look into the technical, digital and legal relevance of the “Cloud” for purposes that range from the academic to governmental to personal. Numerous Cloud systems are available like the Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sky Drive. Though these systems are virtually free for a limited storage, others require subscription for premium use. Cloud users usually benefit from the system in making their files and documents virtually accessible anywhere which make physical storages like USBs and hard drives second rated. Using this same system for youth formation and evangelization could be key to making faith more than relevant to the 21st century tech savvy youth.

The use of a tangible metaphor to capture a life process or movement is something unique in humans. Voluminous literature reflects various metaphors and images in order to give meaning to what is otherwise thought to be impossible to encapsulate or express in common language. The Bible is also filled with these same metaphors. Christ used these metaphors and images in his parables in order to connect with his listeners and speak their “life’s language” that is very peculiar to their own. Spiritual masters use various metaphors to illustrate the movement of the Spirit in and through our person, community and the world.

It is with this context that the “Cloud” is used as a metaphor for the formation process of the AEYG 2015. The “Cloud” having been used both in the Old and New Testaments, typifies the person of God…shrouded in mystery and seemingly distant yet visible and within one’s reach. Moreover, other figures of speech that makes use of clouds indicate something fundamentally true for human persons like the experience of a “Cloud 9” that may be synonymous to a form of an indescribable happiness or a “heavenly experience”. Rain clouds aside from being a weather indicator also provides a feeling of gloom and despair while “a cloud free day” describes a perfect day less the troubles and worries.

Young people of today are invited to “walk in the clouds”. This invitation is intended for them to meet God who is part of their life world though sometimes shrouded in mystery but always present in whatever day and weather. This formation process incorporates the use of clouds as both understood as that of a digital terminology and the process metaphor for spirituality. It is hopes that the integration of the 2 would provide a framework for understanding the role of young people for the New Evangelization that is actively promoted by the Claretian Missionaries.


The objectives of the gathering are the following:

1) to present the face of Jesus to the youth through the new media;

2) to discover Jesus in the new way;

3) to learn from the youth how to find Jesus in the cloud;

4) to gather the Claretian Family youth ministry;



            The logo features a three “cloud” formation both in its atmospheric and technological sense with the embedded face of Jesus in the “cloud”. This represents the catechetical formation program and scheme that will be introduced during the gathering.

The acronym of the gathering AEYG 2015 is found on the right side of the “cloud”. Letter “A” represents “ASCLA” which means Association of Claretians in Asia. Letter “E” is “East” that indicates the Eastern Conference of ASCLA where and who organized the gathering. Letter “Y” represents the word “Youth” who are the main participants of the gathering. Letter “G” is for “Gathering” and the 2015 indicates the year when the gathering will take place. The colors of the letters are the colors of the flag of the Philippines, indicating the host country for the event.

The yellow cross represents Jesus Christ and at the same time indicates the mathematical symbol of “plus” or in other words, “and”. Below the “+” are the words Claretian Family that indicates that the gathering does not only involve the youth from the Claretian Provinces and Delegations of ASCLA East but also from the different branches of the Claretian Family in Asia. And below is the theme of the gathering “Meet Him in the Cloud” inspired by the Transfiguration of Jesus in Mount Tabor taken from the Gospel of Matthew 17: 1-9.


The formation program uses 4 process metaphors to achieve the objectives of AEYG 2015. These process metaphors are them structured using the youth’s context, basis rooted in Sacred Scriptures and Church Teaching, clarified using a reflection guide and expressed through digital responses.

Cloud Metaphor


Sacred Scriptures

Church Teaching

Reflection Guide

Digital Response

Modular Details

“A Walk in the Cloud”

Unrealistic expectations of the world and life, unchecked motivations, fanciful lifestyles, YOLO Hebrews 12:1-3 Cloud of Witnesses The Nature and Mission of the Church: the people of God – the believing community a) Do I see myself as a member of the believing community?

b) What do I expect the Church to offer me?

Catholic Youth websites: “lifeteen”, Faithbook in facebook, AEYG 2015 Network Young people and the Church; particularly following the mission of St. Anthony Mary Claret; believing that God has called the youth to his sheepfold to be partakers in the Divine Mystery

Discovery:The Church engages the youth through their own “lifeworld”

Workshop:Youth profile using their friends data accessed through social media like Facebook

Output:presentation of their created profile in a new facebook account

“Cloud Virus”

Disappointment, false hopes Exodus / Numbers

Pillar of Clouds by day

God leads us as a shepherd tends his flock a) How do I see God directing my life?

b) Have I entrusted my life to Him?

Emailed prayers, text faith quotes, online ads, Youtube Young people in the modern world; a virus threatens the life of the young by flooding them with materialism, consumerism, self-centered attributes, vanity, and sensual pleasure…Christ invites the young people to follow Christ who is the way, the truth and the life…

Discovery:the Gospel of Life counters the culture of death

Workshop:Immersion in the life of the young, youth inculturation using teen blogs and documentaries

Output:concrete steps to positively use social media to promote the Gospel of Christ through online posters and ads posted on Youtube (becoming responsible digital citizens)

“Cloud 9” Inability to discriminate what is real from fad, hopelessness and vulnerability Mathew 17:1-9


Affirming our God’s beloved Children a) Who am I?

b) Why do I exist?

Other existential question

“Selfies”, Instagram

Life blogs shared via eCloud; Prayer wrapped in Song

Young people are called to affirm that they are sons and daughters of a loving God…just like Jesus Christ…this Divine call is rooted in our Baptism and membership to Christ’s family in faith

Discovery:God is our Father; we are brothers and sisters

Workshop:Current trends in the youth sub culture, inviting fellow young people to Christ

Output:an AVP presenting a Life blog posted on Instagram

“Cloud Lenses” Life’s perspectives, selfishness and indifference among young people Acts 1:1-9


Anchoring our life in Jesus a) Who is Jesus Christ?

b) What is His role in my life?

c) What are my expectations of Him

Twitter testimonies


Word Exposed

The joy of encountering Jesus in our daily life encounters (EG), a way of clearing our lenses to fully see Jesus in our life

Discovery:The challenge of the New Evangelization

Workshop:maximizing digital resources to bring young people to Christ through the example of St. Anthony

Output:“Word Exposed” for young people; twitter accounts and posts, hashtags…


Meet Him in the Cloud

Written and Arranged by Sandy Bahia Jr., CMF

(choir) Whoa – – – –

African drum-beat

Long have we turned our ways

In oh so many trials

Young are we

Not to see

Long have we called many names

From here, there, gone places

Young are we

Not to hear

(choir echoing)

Refrain: A column of cloud

Shows us the way*

As small as a man’s hand**

Rising from the sea**

Chorus: Meet him in the cloud

There’s power and great glory***

Who comes amid clouds****

And every eye will see Him****

We will see the Son of Man*****

Coming in the cloud*****

The cloud will burst

And we will meet Jesus there!


*Ex 13:21 **1 Kings 18:44 ***Mt 24:30 ****Rev 1:7 *****Lk 21:27

AEYG 2015 + CF KIT

Each participant will receive one AEYG 2015 + CF bag with the following items:

  1. Food Stubs
  2. Visor
  3. Scarf
  4. Ball pen
  5. Notebook
  6. Events Guide Book
  7. Art Materials
  8. Bible Diary
  9. Cd
  10. Id Card
  11. Transportation Fee (in Peso)
  12. Tshirt


There are two types of participants, the virtual and the actual participants.

Virtual Participants

The activity is expecting 2,500 virtual participants in the AEYG 2015 + CF official website:

Actual Participants

The gathering is open to actual participants, 15 to 35 years of age, under any apostolate of the Claretian Missionaries, RMICM Sisters, MC Sisters in Asia. It is also open to all members and children aged 15 up of the Kapatirang Claretiano Inc., Lay Claretians, Claretian Lay Collaborators, Claretian Lay Partners.

The following are the allowed MAXIMUM actual Claretian Family Participants during the AEYG 2015 + CF days:

Religious of Mary Immaculate Claretian Missionary Sisters (RMICM)        50

Missionaries Sisters of St. Anthony Mary Claret (MC)                             50

Kapatirang Claretiano Inc. (KCI)                                                            50

Lay Claretians/Collaborators/Partners/                  50

Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CMF)        500

Japan                                                                                   20

Taiwan                                                                                  20

Hong Kong                                                                            10

Macao                                                                                  20

People’s Republic of China                                                       5

South Korea                                                                          20

Indonesia                                                                            15

Vietnam                                                                              20

Timor Leste                                                                        10

Myanmar                                                                            10

Australia                                                                              20

Sri Lanka                                                                              20

India                                                                                      20

Philippines                                                                           250


                                                Claret Urban Poor                                                            25

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (QC)                              25

Claret School of Quezon City                                           25

Claret Youth Ministry (Ormoc)                                          10

Claret Youth Ministry (Datal Anggas)                                10

San Antonio Ma. Claret Parish                                         25

Claret School of Zamboanga City                                     20

Risen Christ Parish                                                        10

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (Maluso)                       10

San Vicente Ferrer Parish                                               10

Claret School of Tumahubong                                            5

Claret Samal Foundation, Inc.                                           5

ZABIDA                                                                         15

Claret Peace Weavers                                                    15

During the last night vigil and the dawn mass with Cardinal Tagle, the Philippine Province, particularly Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Quezon City and CUPA Montalban, is allowed to invite the rest of their youth in their parishes, schools and mission posts to join.


All participants are required to be REGISTERED ONLINE at and the leader of each delegation is required to do the registration on or before May 25, 2015. All payments should be sent to JULIUS JOSE A. COCHINGthrough any M Lhuillier / Cebuana / Western Union branches on or before July 15, 2015. Make sure that the name of Julius Jose A. Coching is properly spelled and written. The participants for the vigil and dawn massmay be registered until August 2, 2015and to be submitted to the Secretariat personally. Registration fees of August 7 & 8 participants should be given directly to Mr. Robert Laurioon August 5, 2015.







300 USD



300 USD



300 USD

Hong Kong


250 USD



250 USD



250 USD

Peoples Rep. China


250 USD



200 USD

Sri Lanka


200 USD



200 USD



200 USD



175 USD



175 USD







5,500 PHP



6,500 PHP



7,500 PHP


The participants are asked to provide for their fare, allowance, and registration fees. However, the Claretian Parish/School/Mission Post/Institution may help to raise funds for their delegates. It is up to the Claretian Parish/School/Mission Post/Institution on how to raise and acquire these funds. The AEYG 2015 + CF Executive Committee is not obliged to finance the expenses of each Claretian Parish/School/Mission Post/Institution but they may appeal to the Provincial Government for help.


Aug 3

Aug 4

Feast of St. John Vianney

Aug 5

Aug 6

Feast of the Transfiguration

Aug 7

Aug 8

Feast of St. Dominic de Guzman


Arrival of Participants

Registration at Bulwagang Claret

“A Walk in the Cloud”

Holy Eucharist


“Cloud 9”

Holy Eucharist

“Cloud Lenses”

Dawn Mass at Quezon Memorial Circle



“Cloud Viruses”

Food Fest



Amazing Race

Reflections / Evaluation

Home Sweet Home


Holy Eucharist

Opening and Welcome Ceremonies

Holy Eucharist

Vocation Night

Cultural Night

Holy Eucharist

Claretian Family Night

Vigil w/ the Cardinal


  1. Digital Camera / Video Camera
  2. Mobile Phones with camera and Wi-Fi enabled
  3. Tablet / iPad / Netbook / Laptop
  4. Mp3 / sound recorder
  5. Ethnic costume / cultural presentation props
  6. Ingredients for the Food Fest
  7. Souvenir from your area that will be given to other participants
  8. Allowance
  9. Toiletries (bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant)
  10. Jacket
  11. Clothes good for 1 week (working clothes, formal and or casual clothes)
  12. Shoes, sandals / slippers
  13. Parent’s Letter of Consent, Claretian Priest / Brother Recommendation Letter
  14. Medical Insurance card / ID


STEERING COMMITTEE – Fr. Louie Guades III, CMF (Over-all Chairman), Bro. Jay Coching, CMF, Fr. Ralden Mercadejas, CMF, Fr. Eduardo Apungan, CMF

COMMUNICATIONS & MEDICS COMMITTEE – Ms. Ma. Rosario Garcia (Chairwoman), Ms. Rosevelle Lopez, Mr. Genesis Liporada, Mr. Marlon Rante, Mrs. Marjorie Gallardo Mamalateo

FINANCE COMMITTEE – Mr. Robert Laurio, MBA (Chairman), Bro. Jay Coching, CMF, Kapatirang Claretiano Inc.

FOOD COMMITTEE – Sr. Rizalyn Solitario, RMICM (Chairwoman), Ms. Sol Alano, Religious of Mary Immaculate Claretian Missionary Sisters, CMF JPIC Commission – Philippine Province, Claret Seminary

ACCOMODATIONS, SOUNDS & LIGHT COMMITTEE – Mr. Benjo Magnaye (Chairman), Ms. Geraldine Vireynato, Fr. Angelito Ancla, CMF, IHMP Youth Ministry, IHMP PPC

FORMATION & PROGRAM COMMITTEE – Ms. Sonia Pulvinar (Chairwoman), Mr. Paulo Joseph Blando, Fr. Amador Tumbaga, CMF, Fr. Jonathan Bitoy, CMF, Claret Theology House

TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE – Fr. Ronnie Banaria, CMF, Jenica Somalillo, Claret School of Quezon City

LITURGY & MUSIC COMMITTEE – Sr. Elisabete Pereira, MC (Chairwoman), Sch. Aldrin Castillones, CMF, Sch. Sandy Bahia Jr., CMF, Missionary Sisters of St. Anthony Mary Claret, CMF Bible Commission – Philippine Province

ANIMATION COMMITTEE – Lexter Almonte Solamillo (Chairman), John Mark Jabines (Lead Choreographer), Chevy Tolentino, Fr. Angel Angeles II, CMF, Jovenes Claretianos


Hashtag: #aeyg2015fc


For Inquiries: Contact and or the Execom Facebook Group at or contact your Youth / Vocation Director

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