AEYG 2015 + CF Updates

There are only 285 days to go before the most awaited first ever Claretian Family gathering and the gathering of the Claretian Youth of Asia, also known as AEYG 2015 + CF. Based from the 5th Execom Meeting last August and from the updates of the committees dated October 15, 2014, the following are the recent updates regarding the event:

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1) REGISTRATION FEES for all claretian communities in the Philippines have been lowered from P 5,500.00 to P 3,500.00 each exclusive of travel and allowance of each participant. Number of participants from the CMF institutions in the Philippines are being limited and lowered. The organizers are now only expecting 550 as the maximum total number of Claretian Family members to participate.

2) The Theme Song “Meet Him in the Cloud” had been presented already to the body by the composer and the band. Studio recording is on its way. Likewise the Jovenes Claretianos of San Antonio Ma. Claret are already preparing a video presentation including an instructional video for the animation which will shall be presented in the middle of November.

3) All formation modules prepared by the scholastics and the formation committee, and texts for the liturgy and prayers during the event had been submitted, revised and are now being translated into 6 different international languages.


4) Member organisms of ASCLA East and ASCLA West already confirmed their collaboration and desire to participate in the said gathering. Parishes from Mindanao had started their fund raising activities in view of the said event.

5) Catering services that will serve food during the five day activity were already identified and the food scheme plan had been polished and finalized.

6) The foster families are being scouted already and accommodations are being prepared already by the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.

7) Transportation Committee had been assumed by Fr. Eduardo Apungan, CMF and the Medics & Security Commiittee by Kyle Toledo of CUPA – Montalban.

7) The website for the event is up and is being set up to contain all the videos, fotos, materials that the participants will use before, during and after the event.

8) Registration forms will be released in November.

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asia east youth directorsIn June 2013, Claretian Youth Directors from the four major organisms of the Claretian Missionaries namely East Asia, Indonesia-Timor Leste, Korea, and the Philippines, members of the Association of Claretians in Asia Eastern Conference (ASCLA-E) gathered together in Quezon City, Philippines to talk about their plans and programs for the youth of their different organisms and to decide on how to re-echo the World Youth Day 2013 for the youth of Asia.

At the end of the meeting, after much discussion and planning, the youth directors decided to hold and celebrate on August 3 to 8, 2015 in Quezon City, Philippines the 1st Association of Claretians in Asia East Youth Gathering (AEYG) together with the Claretian Family (CF) in the format of the WYDs held in Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. The gathering therefore is now known as AEYG 2015 + CF.


The objectives of the gathering are the following:
1) to present the face of Jesus to the youth through the new media;
2) to discover Jesus in the new way;
3) to learn from the youth how to find Jesus in the cloud;
4) and to gather the Claretian Family youth ministry.


The logo features a three “cloud” formation both in its atmospheric and technological sense with the embedded face of Jesus in the “cloud”. This represents the catechetical formation program and scheme that will be introduced during the gathering.

The acronym of the gathering AEYG 2015 is found on the right side of the “cloud”. Letter “A” represents “ASCLA” which means Association of Claretians in Asia. Letter “E” is “East” that indicates the Eastern Conference of ASCLA where and who organized the gathering. Letter “Y” represents the word “Youth” who are the main participants of the gathering. Letter “G” is for “Gathering” and the 2015 indicates the year when the gathering will take place. The colors of the letters are the colors of the flag of the Philippines, indicating the host country for the event.

The yellow cross represents Jesus Christ and at the same time indicates the mathematical symbol of “plus” or in other words, “and”. Below the “+” are the words Claretian Family that indicates that the gathering does not only involve the youth from the Claretian Provinces and Delegations of ASCLA East but also from the different branches of the Claretian Family in Asia. And below is the theme of the gathering “Meet Him in the Cloud” inspired by the Transfiguration of Jesus in Mount Tabor taken from the Gospel of Matthew 17: 1-9.


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