Announcement of the 13th Provincial Chapter

Dear Brothers,

With this letter I wish to officially announce the celebration of the Thirteenth Provincial Chapter on January 14 – 18, 2013 at the Claret Retreat House in Sanville Subdivision, Culiat, Quezon City

Herewith  are the objectives of the Provincial Chapter according to our Constitution no. 125:

1.To examine the state of the Province in order to set its future course of action.

2.To apply the norms and directives  of the General  Chapter concerning missionary life, in  keeping  with  local  and  personal  circumstances taking  into account cooperation with diocesan and religious clergy.

3.To elect  the Provincial  Superior,  his consultors  and econome  or to determine some other way of designating them according  to the norms of our law.

4.To establish the manner in which local superiors, vicars and economes are  to  be designated according to the options provided for by our law.

As with previous chapters, only the delegates to the chapter,  i.e. not all the members of the Province,  will participate in the chapter.Nonetl1eless, the whole province must be involved in the preparation for the chapter.

The immediate step after this announcement is the election of the delegates  for the chapter. Another letter will be sent to you witl1 the necessary information regarding the election  of delegates.

May the Lord and our Mother Mary bless our efforts as we face the challenges  that confront us today in the Province. May our Father Founder,  Saint Anthony  Mary Claret, the Martyrs of Barbastro and Blessed  Andres Sola inspire us with their example and intercession.

Provincial Superior

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