ASCLA East JPIC Coordinator’s Meeting – Day 1 Chronicle

The meeting started with a prayer led by Fr. Larry Miranda, CMF followed by the welcome address of Fr. Leo Dalmao, CMF, the Provincial Superior. Then the Prefect of Apostolate of the Philippine Province, Regional Coordinator of JPIC, Fr Eduardo Apungan, CMF oriented the participants of the rationale and background of the encounter as well as the objectives of the encounter. Later, he said that the encounter would be better called as ASCLA East JPIC Coordinator’s Meeting since the participants are all just the coordinators of each ASCLA East member organisms rather than ASCLA East JPIC Encounter. Participants of the meeting were formally presented too during these preliminary activities.

Then the facilitator of the day, Fr. Lorenzo Miranda, CMF, JPIC Commissioner of the Philippine Province, invited the participants to start already in sharing of the different realities, JPIC programs and activities and options of the organism, individually. Fr. Angel Calvo presented to the group ZABIDA and its programs.

In the afternoon, Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF, the resource person for the meeting, posited to the group the ten challenges to our mission today: Defence of Life, Ecumenical and Inter-religious Dialogue, Care of Families and Future Generations, Economic Solidarity, Option for the Poor and Marginalized, Solidarity with Migrants, Challenge of Education, Promotion of Health, Care of Creation, Possibilities of Information Technology. He started from the teachings of Christ, to its evolution and understanding in the Church in general, then in  the context of the Church of Asia, and finally the Claretian context sighting specific general chapter documents and the latest Men on Fire with Love.

leo-massAfter reminding the group of the 10 challenges of the MFL, he made the group aware of the present situation of JPIC in the Claretians today and challenged to reflect over issues of reluctance, personnel preparedness, availability and agility to go to frontier missions, leadership, and structure. Furthermore, he proposed four basic challenges to the participants of the meeting: on the defence and protection of life, on socio-economic condition, on justice and peace, and last but not the least on harmony with the creation. Then, he emphasized and viewed the passion for JPIC as prophesying in today’s complex world. “In the midst of an unjust society, the prophet introduces an alternative way of perceiving reality, an alternative presence that invites change and conversion, a hope that breaks indifference and opens a new future to God’s action, the passion for God and Compassion for the poor.

After the talk, discussions and feedbacks were drawn from the participants. The day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist presided by Fr. Leo Dalmao, CMF.

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