Anthony Mary Claret, “A great soul born to unite contrasting elements, he was humble in origin, yet illustrious in the eyes of the world. Small in stature, but a giant in spirit. Modest in appearance, but very capable of instilling respect, also in the great ones of the earth. Strong in character, but with the gentleness of someone who knows the restraint of austerity and penance. Always in the presence of God, even in the midst of prodigious activity. Slandered and admired, celebrated and persecuted, and among such great marvels, a gentle light that illumines all, his devotion to the Mother of God.”

Pius XII – Homily of May 8, 1950

“The life, teachings and example of this marvelous Shepherd constitute an extraordinary spiritual heritage, not only for those who are directly inspired by his charisma, but also for the whole Church. (…) His unconditional love for Christ was nurtured, in turn, by an intense life of prayer, filled with adoration and intimate dialogue with the Lord, as well as a humble and attentive listening to the Word of God. Moreover, from a very young age he was passionate about the divine Word, which occupied a central role in his spiritual life. In that regular and close contact with Scripture he always found a plentiful source of inspiration, comfort and strength, which led him to devote all his energies to spreading the Word and making it available everywhere, so that everyone could find in it the light of their lives.” 

Benedict XVI – Letter of December 8, 2007.


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Spanish text revision: Jesús Bermejo
Autobiography translated from Spanish by Joseph Daries
Footnotes and additional texts translated from Spanish by James Overend.
English Text revision and editing: S. Jesu Doss and Anthony Ejikeme of the Center for Claretian Spirituality (CESC) in Vic, Spain and Rosendo Urrabazo in Rome.