Be A Claretian

What does it mean to be a Claretian Missionary?

Being a Claretian Missionary is our concrete way of being men, Christians and consecrated persons. We follow Jesus in a community of disciples in the style of the Apostles, just as how St. Anthony Mary Claret, our founder and father, dreamed of it. We dedicate ourselves to the missionary service of the Word, preaching the Good News of Jesus by all possible means.


How do you know that you are being called to be part of our Congregation?

The Claretian vocation is a personal call through which God moves us internally to adhere more and more to the project of Jesus: to make God known, loved, served and praised by all his creatures. The vocational call is an invitation that in some way moves us, mobilizes us, makes us go out to meet others, particularly those most in need, at the same time that it leads us to deepen our friendship with God and our ecclesial communion.

The personal predisposition to let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit and the filial surrender to the Heart of Mary will shape us in the missionary follow-up of Jesus, and in the personal choices we make when choosing how to live our Claretian vocation – as priests, brothers or permanent deacons.

How can you become a Claretian missionary?

To be part of the Congregation, it is necessary to carry forward a double discernment that is both personal and communal. It is personal because God calls each of us personally in the situation in which we allow ourselves to be found by Him. It is communal because the Congregation receives people in their interior, accompanies them in their process of growth and maturity, and chooses them as their own. after a process of serious vocational discernment.

What is needed to start a vocational discernment in the Congregation?

Some prerequisites and attitudes are necessary to undertake vocational discernment in the Claretian Congregation:

  • That you are at least 17 years old.
  • You are a Christian and have received the sacraments of initiation – baptism, communion, confirmation.
  • You have faith and live your Catholic faith in the church.
  • You are attracted to Jesus and his Gospel.
  • You are attracted to the missionary life.
  • You are attracted to community life.
  • You are attracted to our Congregation and your lifestyle.
  • You are willing to be guided and accompanied in your personal discernment.
  • Honest with yourself and with others in your plans and discernment.
  • Have a harmonious affection, according to the option you want to embrace life.
  • You are physically and mentally healthy.
  • You are willing to begin a process of clarification and vocational discernment with one of the Claretian Missionaries dedicated to this ministry.

How do I know if I have a Claretian vocation?

The answer depends on you.

We are willing to offer you a personal accompaniment that will help you clarify your initial vocational experience so that you can discover more and more of yourself and what God asks of you, as well as the life and mission of our Congregation.

How long is the initial formation?

The Claretian mission is a way of life. That is why the period of time spent is irrelevant. What is more important is the quality of the experiences and the personal processes that are carried out and are processed in the discernment. We want all things to be immediate. But we must remember that following Jesus is a lifetime journey. And although, the initial formation depends on each person and the situation in which he is in, a good vocational discernment can last between six months and two years.