Bro. Choi Sung Chang Bartholomew, CMF

Bro. “Bart” has started his service to God and his people as Lector and Acolyte. Fr. Samuel Canilang, CMF conferred on him these two Church ministries on April 10, 2001 at 9:00 AM in the chapel of the Claret Theology House, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines.

Choi Sung Chang, a Korean Claretian, has been studying theology in Manila since1996.

Tell us about your stay in the Philippines?

I feel lucky to be able to study theology in the Philippines. I constantly learn and gain a lot of inspiration from the Philippine community. It is not only to acquire knowledge about theology but also to experience community life with a different culture. These experiences encourage and motivate me more to live a mission life. One of my realizations here in the Philippines is that any kind of experience educes wisdom especially when I open my heart and mind. No matter what kind of experience it may be, good or bad, hard or not, it inspires me to appreciate more what mission life is. Overall, everything has been a great and wonderful experience.

How do you see your future ministry?

In fact, I don’t know what ministry I will be involved in. I believe that we have to follow the council of the Congregation. However, personally, I would prefer to have my ministry among the poor people or be a retreat master. Now, I just want to develop more myself spiritually for the future ministry.

What would be your message to the youth?

Now is the best time to develop your future life. Look around and open your mind and heart. You can see that there are many things to do. In order to open your mind and heart, you have to develop your insight. It is truly important. Make time and go deep inside your heart. It may take a long time but do not give up. When you develop your insight, you will know then what you have to do. And you can then encourage others to make this world more beautiful. It is a big challenge for all of us. A lot of adventures and challenges are waiting for you.

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