CARTAGENA (Colombia)

For Peace and Human Rights: make life possible

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture17.jpgFor 45 years the Claretians have been present in this locality so beset by violence and poverty, lacking public services and with hardly any official bodies.

The objective, starting from a biblical reading of the reality, is the promotion of life fighting against hunger, poverty, home desertion, unemployment, violence, etc., by means of various initiatives of formation, development, social organization and others. Especially significant, and imitated by others, are the experiences of solidarity economy: bakery, shop, fashion workshop and others.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture18.jpgThe Christian celebration of life forms an essential part of this integral task in the search for social justice.

This way of announcing the Good News implicates many others in the defence of human rights, respect for life and community organization. The fruits are beginning to be detected.


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