For Peace: Uniting forces against violence in an environment plagued by assassinations

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture4.jpgIn this border city, sadly known for the thousands of assassinations carried out there each year, the Claretians of Mexico and the USA have been working for 15 years together with other organizations to lessen and eradicate as far as possible the violence.

Especially problematic is the assassination of women;  they have been the object of specific attention and initiatives of pacification during these years;  also the fight against torture, hospitality for the relatives of those assassinated, the remembering and retelling of recent history to ensure that it is not repeated, etc.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture5.jpgThis is an evangelizing endeavour in line with the latest orientation of the Congregation carried out with others of various religions with whom is shared the action and prayer to the God of Peace.


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