Claret’s Feast Day: On Fire with God’s Love

College Seminary. Featuring different activities for the celebration of the feast of Saint Anthony Mary Claret held last October 24, 2009, Claretians based in Quezon City gathered together for a Eucharistic Celebration which marked the start of the festivity.

Mass together with other Claretian priests at the Claret Seminary Chapel. Part of the celebration was the renewal of vows of the professed members which was led by Fr. Restituto Audal, CMF. There were many Guests, professors and friends who witnessed the said event.

We Prayed
Early Morning at 8:30am, the College Community led by its Rector and President Fr. Victor F. Sadaya started the day with a prayer. Fr. Vic gave insights and reflections on what it is to be a Claretian and he guided the seminarians into meditation in order that they may internalize the true meaning of being a Claretian and he gave some guide questions. They ended the prayer with the song “Ideal in His mind”.

We Played
In the middle of the day, the College Community and the Theologians met at the Claret Seminary basketball court to show how it is to be a man on fire as they exchanged defensive and offensive attacks in the court just to shoot on the basket. It was a neck-to-neck fight but the youthful Collegians clinched the highest score in the game.
There were cheers and laughter as each team show-off there skills in that game. Not to forget the offensive attacks made by the Prefect of Students of the Theology Community Fr. Paulino Manila, Jr. CMF who really enjoyed the game.

Laughter, Talents, and Farewells
At 8pm, the Community was gathered at the Seminary refectory to have a Fraternal Gathering. This was the time to showcase the hidden talents and skills of the seminarians in dancing, singing and acting. Also, the Formators and Professors shared their God-given talents which were well applauded by everybody.

Towards the end, Ms Maben David, the English instructor of the Pre- Postulants bid her farewell and sealed it with a song of gratitude for the community. Also, the College thanked her by giving and presenting to her a simple token of gratitude.

With all the activities and events, the College community was very thankful to God for having given to the Church a model of missionary zeal and dedication. Each personally thanked God and prayed for the gift of perseverance and asked God for the fire to keep them burning in their missionary vocation. Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Maria! Viva Claret!

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