Claret School of Tumahubong: 2011 Peace Weaver Awardee

Zamboanga City. Claret School of Tumahubong school director Fr. Julius Boado, CMF together with Mrs. Angelita Grado and Bro. Louie Guades III, CMF received the 2011 prestigious Peace Weavers Award to Claret School of Tumahubong of Basilan Province at the Roof Deck of Garden Orchid Hotel, Zamboanga City.


Where the unceasing gunfire of violence, kidnappings and the assassination of missionaries and workers threaten the lives of the local population, the message of peace and development has rung truer and stronger because of the Claretian Missionaries. Coupled with the great challenge of strengthening the bonds between Christians, Muslims and the tribal population, the missionaries’ efforts have led to the establishment of schools, parishes, hospitals, and communities, and fostering interreligious and intercultural dialogue in support of the greater cause of sustained peace in Basilan province.

In 2000, the late Claretian Missionary Fr. Rhoel Gallardo became the source of inspiration for the young missionaries of the island of Basilan who administered the Claret School of Tumahubong for the last 43 years. It is the only school of religious inspiration in that part of Basilan with secondary education programs journeyed to more than 3000 Christian and Muslim students.

The Claretian parochial school built in 1968, in San Vicente Ferrer in Tumahubong, has been twice burned and reconstructed with the help of donations. During the second attack, the extremists kidnapped a number of students and professors. In spite of the difficulties, the attacks and the violence perpetrated, the Claretians continued firmly believing that “remaining in the island” and helping raise from our poverty our Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters” has given a strong sense of purpose to the Basilan mission.

The institution aims at:
Providing a Filipino with holistic formation especially to Christian and people of different faiths by becoming a proactive community in pursuit of academic excellence;

Discover and develop the potentials, talents, and abilities of students that foster value formation;

Create an environment where dialogue of life and faith can take place in order to promote a harmonious relationship among people;
Provide well trained and value- oriented employee who are committed, hardworking and God-fearing and

Activate and maintain constant communication with the alumni of the school.
In realization of the school’s vision and mission, the school has initiated as well as participated in different activities that promote peace to the community and among people and to gather all the potential student leaders to help them develop themselves to become initiators of change in their communities.

Thus, serving as a Model Community for Peace, for its significant contribution in the fostering and enhancement of Muslim- Christians-Indigenous Peoples relations, the Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace (IRSMP) presents the prestigious Peace Weavers Award to Claret School of Tumahubong of Basilan Province.

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