Claret Theology community marches for “pork” protest

Seeing the tens of thousands protesters from wearing pig masks, singing a “pork barrel” song compositions, rendering an outraged rap, chanting a slogan, dancing expressively, reading a poem, and painting different expressions, the Claret Theology community joined the Million People March at Luneta Park last August 26, 2013.

The gathering was propagated by netizens (through Facebook and Twitter) as a protest to the misuse of the multibillion-peso pork barrel of lawmakers and to call for the pork’s abolition. The scholastics, together with the Prefect of Students Fr. Amador Tumbaga, CMF partook the said event and witnessed the crowd of different religious congregations and denominations, partylist groups, students, employees, musicians, writers, and artists.

Prior to the Aug 26 event, which was also marked as National Heroe’s Day, the community of Theology house gathered together in a forum to discuss important matters regarding the pork barrel scam; emphasizing the role of the church and participation of the religious.

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