Claret Urban Poor Apostolate

Each trend of year is a trend of globalization. The society, in its implicit evolution affects the way the people live – their culture, beliefs, dreams, and the relationships of each members. Within this flow of societal concern, the Claret Urban Poor Apostolate (CUPA) has been present since January in the year 2000. The Ninth (IX) Provincial Assembly of the Claretian Missionaries believed that the Urban Poor Ministry is one of the pedestals of helping urban poor communities in building a just and humane place for these people. Thus, CUPA’s drawing of its Vision, Mission, and Goals was born…


The Claret Urban Poor Apostolate envisions a community of the urban poor living with Christian dignity towards the building of the Kingdom of God where Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation reigns.

MISSION    &nb sp;

CUPA commits to develop a dignified and participatory community through a holistic approach and promotion of JPIC.


By 2015 CUPA is a foundation that has a capability to support and sustain different programs and activities that develops dignified and participatory communities in Quezon City and Rodriguez, Rizal.

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