in waiting for the Beatification of the Holy Martyrs of Siguenza – Fernan Caballero and Tarragona
(13-10-2013 in Tarragona, Spain).

fernan caballero

We bless you, our God and we thank You
for having called our brothers
the Martyrs of Siguenza, Fernan Caballero and Tarragona
to form a part of the Martyrs of the Church.

Their testimony of faith
and their generous pardon of all those that took away their lives
are a mature fruit of their great love of the Word,
the Eucharist, the Heart of Mary and the Claretian Congregation.

We pray, O Lord,
that we may be worthy heirs of the legacy received
and that we may fittingly collaborate faithfully
in the mission that animated their young hearts

May we, in this Year of Faith,
with a spirit of religious fidelity, disposition and fraternity,
give a sincere testimony of the disciples of Christ,
and embracing the cross with a spirit of faith every day,
may we properly walk with our brothers, the Martyrs
towards the glorious resurrection. Amen

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