Debut of the Martyrs of San Joaquin

The anniversary of the deaths of the Martyrs of San Joaquín was reason enough to raise the curtains of the theatre built on the site of their martyrdom. With subsequent performances in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, and in Leon, Guanjuato, there were five in all between April 22 and 25. At each site, the actors of Producciones Mares, Rafael Resendess, Jazmín Martínez, Victor Fierro and Isidro Vargas, brought the martyrs to life, along with the more important participants in the events of April 25, 1927. Through the magic of theatre we were taken back to that place and time to see the Claretian Andrés Solá, J. Trinidad Rangel and Leonardo Pérez, as they grew in faith through their daily encounter with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. We witnessed their feeling for those in need, and we saw how their love of Mary strengthened them in the hour of trial. And finally, we were reminded that one’s trust in the Risen Lord does not go unrewarded. The production, done with such gusto, drew highly favorable comments from those in attendance. After congratulating us, a professor of history at the Instituto Simón Bolívar in León, Gto., urged us to continue staging the production for its cultural and historical contribution. Relatives of Leonardo Pérez in Lagos de Moreno were deeply moved by the performance, and offered their help with future productions in that city. It was touching to see how some in the audience could not restrain their emotions, let alone hold back their tears at the sight of Fr. Solá suffering. This production is the work of Producciones Mares and Claretians José Juan Tapia and Enrique Mascorro. It is hoped that a tour of Claretian communities results in a widespread awareness of the Blessed Martyrs of San Joaquín.

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