General Consultors Elected

Rome. We began the day with the Eucharistic celebration presided by the Superior General. In this Mass Fr. Mathew invited the participants to be internally serene, free and guided by the light of the Spirit of God, especially in the discernment they have to make to elect the consultors of the General Government. The Word of God, taken from the Gospel of St. Luke, led him to exhort the chapter members to be clear with the horizon of the Kingdom of God and the spirit of the beatitudes that orients the consecrated life.

The central point of the morning session was the election of the consultors, according to the structure approved on September 7, last Monday.

The first election was for the consultor without prefecture. Fr. Henry Omonisaye was elected in the first round of ballot. He is the Mayor Superior of the Delegation of West Nigeria till now (Photo 1).

The second turn of voting was to elect the General Econome. In the first round of ballot, the election fell on Fr. Manuel Tamargo, the General Mission Procurator till now (Photo 2).

The chapter went ahead to elect the Consultor-Prefect of Formation. Fr. Leo Dalmao, the Provincial Superior of Philippines till now, was elected in the second round of ballot (Photo 3).

The third voting  was to elect the Consultor-Prefect of Apostolate which ended up in the election of Fr. Artur Teixeira in the third round of ballot. He is the Provincial Superior of Portugal till now (Photo 4).

After an interval, in the election for the Consultor-Prefect of Spirituality, Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez was elected in the first round of ballot. He has served in the same office during the last twelve years (Photo 5).

Finally, Brother Carlos Verga from the Province of San Jose del Sur was elected in the second round of ballot as the Consultor-Prefect of Youth-vocation ministry (Photo 6).

At the conclusion of the voting session, the chapter members and in them the whole Congregation, felicitated the new consultors, thanking them for their availability for the service of animation entrusted to them.

Group photo of the new General Government. From left to right: Fr. Henry Omonisaye (Consultor), Bro. Carlos Verga (Consultor Prefect of Youth Ministry and Vocation), Fr. Manuel Tamargo (Consultor Econome), Fr. Mathew Vattamattam (Superior General), Fr. Leo Dalmao (Consultor Prefect of Formation), Fr. Gonzalo Fernández (Consultor Prefect of Spirituality), Fr. Artur Teixeira (Consultor Prefect of Apostolate).

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