KIYUNGA (Jinja, Uganda)

For Life and Integrity of Creation: to care and recuperate health by natural methods.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture8.jpgAlmost 19,000 patients have already come to the Claretian centre of Kiyuga looking to recover their health; there they are treated by natural methods that have proved their efficacy in many cases.

They have also carried out programmes of formation on health, appreciation of nature, holistic healing, learning treatment techniques based on natural resources, publication of books and various materials, etc.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture9.jpgAll of this is directed at health, a fundamental element of the person and perhaps the main problem for the population in Uganda. It is a way to give life and, without doubt, in the circumstance in which the country finds itself, a very opportune and efficient channel for evangelization.


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