Prefects of Formation Encounter Day 2

This day was a very intense experience of sharing. During the whole day we had the presentation of the discussions on various stages of formation: Vocation promotion, Pre-novitiate, Novitiate, Post-novitiate and ongoing formation. The presentations were made according to different conferences. The presentations were made based on the SWOT method: strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

The presentations revealed the diversity in the process of formation that is present in various parts of our congregation. After each presentation there were moments in which each participant was asked by Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, to reflect personally on the insights gained from the sharing and what difference it would make to his work as a prefect of formation.

At night, after supper, we had the opportunity to witness to the life of our brothers from Europe. Each organism from Europe presented the reality of their life and mission. prefecture-of-formation/45-prefects-of-formation-encounter-day- 1

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