Prefects of Formation Encounter Day 3

The day began with a song and the moderator Fr. Stefan Wolf invited the participants to spend a few moments reflecting on what was happening to each one, the level of motivation etc.

We then had a video on the life of our brother Ildefonso Maria Garcia Palacios of the Province of Betica who died on the 24th of January 2012 fighting cancer. He became a parable of transformative formation through the way he grew through his struggle with cancer. He is an inspiration for our formees.

Next, we entered into group work. We were asked to write a definition of formation and discuss it in group and come up with an image that represents formation process. Each group came up with creative ideas and images such as the growth process of a plant, a journey, a form of dance etc. We also tried to identify the differences and similarities between the formation of missionaries and professionals.

Then Fr. Mathew Vattamattam explained the concept of transformative formation with the image of a seed. The seed need to die to give life and has to go through a process of giving up in order to be transformed as to give fruits.

The next concept that was dealt with was the different types of formation that are followed: adaptive learning, transformative learning models. Adaptive learning is concerned about imparting concepts and ideas whereas transformative learning is concerned with inner growth.

In the afternoon we spent more time on the person of the Formator and the process of transformative formation. The formator is entrusted with a responsibility by the congregation to accompany the formees and to protect the goal of formation. He also elaborated on the criteria to be followed in appointing formators.

Finally we had a group discussion on what is helpful in our formation and how to make our formation effective.

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