Prefects of Formation Encounter Day 4

We began this day with the Eucharist where we celebrated the feast of our brothers Martyrs of Barbastro.

Fr. Mathew then introduced the day inviting us to open our eyes, meaning raising our awareness and consciousness to the reality. He used the images of Mind, Heart and Hands to initiate us into reflection on the transformative formation. He emphasised the need to give importance to virtues, self-capacities and spiritual practices in the process of formation.

Then Bro. Sid Sing from East Asia dealt with the theme “Formation for being a Claretian Missionary.” He introduced the theme with various activities and games which made the participants to fully get involved and share their reflections. He then invited us to go into groups to discuss the following questions: What impedes missionary availability and what could be done about it? The results of the discussion were presented and insights gathered.

We had also spent some time on the importance given in formation for Head, Heart and Hands. The result of the discussions in groups emphasised the need to have an integral form of formation where all three aspects are given their due importance.

In the afternoon Fr. Mathew introduced the topics that we were going to deal in the following days: formation for living poverty, chastity, obedience and community life. He then invited us to reflect on the question of will and willing in the process of decision making and how it affects our motivation. He has taken up the example of learning congregational language and how it was for each one to deal with the issue. He again used the images of head, heart and hand to elaborate on the issue.

Then he dealt with various aspects of Transformative formation: need to understand the person in an integral way, taking in to account his intrapersonal, interpersonal and socio-cultural aspects. We need to also take into consideration the lines of growth, levels of consciousness and various intelligences.

Then after supper we had the presentation from conference of America, especially from Antillas, Canada, Brazil, Central America and Colombia occidental/Venezuela and the reality of their respective organisms.

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