Prefects of Formation Encounter Day 5

We began the session with a video song. After which the messages from various organisms and members of the congregation were read out. We appreciate the good wishes and prayerful support from the congregation at large.

Fr. Martin George, the moderator of the day, then invited the participants to enter into an evaluation process as we reached the middle days of our encounter. The focus was on the flow of the encounter, the energy level and motivation of the participants, the areas to improve etc.

The moderator then invited the resource person of the day, Fr. Amartia, to present the theme “Formation for living Poverty.” After a brief presentation of the theme, initial reactions from the participants were elicited.

The most important part of the day was the group work that followed. Fr. Mathew Vattamattam presented a few questions to discuss in groups. The questions were from our lived experience of poverty as individuals and as organisms, concrete expressions which are congruent with our life and that are not so exemplary, the challenges one faces in inculcating this vow in the formandee etc.

We gathered in the afternoon to share the fruits of our discussion. The sharing seemed to have been a good experience as seen from the responses of the groups.

Finally the moderator invited the next resource person, Fr. Jose Sanchez, to initiate the sharing of the theme “Formation for living obedience: listening to God speak through the community and the superiors.” He posed many questions as a way to begin and many actively participated in the discussion.

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