Prefects of Formation Encounter Day 7

We began the day with Morning Prayer and proceeded to the hall to get to know about the process of Urban Plunge by Fr. Jose Sanchez. As part of the discussion a video on Hogares Claret, the work of the Claretian Missionaries among the drug addicts in Colombia was shown.

The aim of this exposure is to learn about the importance of JPIC in the process of formation. Different systems of social analysis was introduced and we were invited to look at reality from religious, political, cultural, ecological and economic systems perspective. Then we were divided into 5 groups to observe reality and then to do a social analysis after the exposure.

At 9.00 in the morning we had a Solemn Eucharist with His Eminence Cardial Polycarp of Dar Es Salaam archdiocese. In his homily he insisted on understanding the candidates from Africa in their historical and cultural context. We need to respect their dignity as persons and be sensitive to their sentiments in the accompaniment process. Then we had a photo session with the Cardinal.

Then we began our journey to some of the urban centers: a home for the street boys run by the MMI fathers (Missionaries of Mary Immaculate). We had an interaction with the boys and sang songs for them. We then proceeded to SOS children’s village which is an international non-government organization that takes care of the orphan children. The children are given a homely atmosphere – they stay in different homes with a mother.

Next we had a visit to a center which cares for the girls who are prone to trafficking. This center is run by the DMI sisters (Daughters of Mary Immaculate) from India. They served us tea and a power point presentation of their activities among the rural poor. We also visited one of their centers where they train young girls for tailoring, computer, cloth making etc. Self reliance is insisted very much here.

After a tedious journey we returned to the center and had our supper and went for rest. Tomorrow we will be dealing with community life and interculturality. That is for today. Meet you soon with updates.

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