Regional Gathering of the South Held in Zamboanga

Zamboanga City – Claretians of Southern Philippines gathered together last November 4 and 5, 2013 at the conference room of the Claretian community in Zamboanga City to sit, reflect, and share on the crisis that affected the region the past few months, particularly the Zamboanga Crisis. This gathering served as the regional gathering of the south for this year. Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF facilitated the sharing and colation of thoughts and reflections of the missionaries after Ms. Grace Rebollos gave a brief analysis of the Zamboanga crisis. On the second day of the gathering, the missionaries went to visit the evacuation centers, particularly the grandstand where thousands of evacuees lies still and the Kawa-kawa boulevard where the bajaus preferred to stay for refuge. The group also visited Fort Pilar and intended to enter Rio Hondo but unfortunately were not allowed to pass through and enter ground zero for security purposes. Nevertheless, the group managed to pass by Sta. Catalina and Sta. Barbara areas and saw the burnt villages. The gathering ended with a lectio divina Eucharist celebrated Fr. Calvo.



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