Servants of the Word, Stewards of the World

Theology House. In response to the threat to the environment and the aytas in porc, pampanga, the San Antonio Maria Claret Theology house, the prefecture of Spirituality, and in coordination with the Stewards of Creation, National Church People’s Network for the Protection Environment initiated a tree planting activity and a forum to show the stand of the Claretian missionaries in its drive to uphold its Justice, Peace and Integration of Creation agenda.

    The objective of the program is to unite the church people and the Claretian Mission institutions in a sustained and concerted effort to protect our environment and national patrimony. It also aims to widen the awareness of the faithful and the members of the congregation on the environmental and ecological issues that our country is facing. This is also a concrete expression and implementation of programs of the congregation that will help protect our environment. The program was dubbed “Servants of the Word, Stewards of the World”

    The two day activity started on October 14, 2011 with a forum on issues regarding environmental situation and climate change, held at the Bulwagang Claret hall at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. The forum was attended by different Claretian institutions and several social groups. During the forum the Aytas of Porac, Pampanga has voiced out their disgust and fear on the mining activities in their place. Slowly their sources of daily sustenance are being raped and destroyed by anomalous issuance of mining permits. The rivers are dying and the soil are no longer as fertile due to the loss of the top soil. Their shivering voice that echoed in the hall was made clear during the tree planting activity the following day, October 15, 2011. All the participants in the forum was welcomed by the Ayta community and the program started with a Ayta community unity prayer. After the opening prayer the participants were grouped in teams escorted by an Ayta to the planting areas. Around a hundred participants from the different Claretian institution joined the tree planting activity; Theology house, College seminary, RMI-CM sisters, MC sisters, Claretian Publication, ICLA, IHMP parish, CSQC, Missionary of Jesus and AGHAM.

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