SUMANAHALLI (Bangalore, India)

For Human Rights: welcoming the most disadvantaged

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture20.jpgSince 1988, under the banner of ‘Love, Light and Life’, the Claretians of Sumanahalli have been receiving and caring for the least wanted people in their vicinity: the lepers, AIDS sufferers, and people with disabilities. As well as caring for orphans, street children, etc.

Besides those received in the boarding school, for those who have attained a family atmosphere which is not easy in this type of institution, many others are cared for externally around the State of Karnataka through medical camps and other initiatives.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture22.jpgA cycle of formation, insertion and social reintegration has also been established that has been successful in many cases.

This is a witness of Catholic religious in the midst of a majority non-Christian population.


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