TakBokasyon 2012 Tumakbo Na!

Quezon City Claret Vocation Office sucessfully held its TakBOKASYON 2012 Run for Claretian Vocations, early morning of Saturday at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City. The event that was prepared by the Claretian Family particularly in cooperation with Claret School of Quezon City, Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc., Claret Urban Poor Apostolate, Claretian Seminaries in Quezon City, RMI & MC Sisters, & Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish was participated by more than five hundred runners and hundred walk- in particpants and staff.

The event started with a body prayer performed by the Claretian Postulants:

Then the crowd was prepared for the three kilometer run around the first outer lane of QMC and was divided into three groups according to km race category / age.

Winners of the event were awarded with prices according to their category.


The beautiful Pastoral Care Volunteers of Philippine Orthopedic Hospital rendered a graceful dance number before the tokens and certificate of participation were distributed.

TakBokasyon is a fun run activity. TakBokasyon derives from the Filipino words “takbo” (run) and “bokasyon” (vocation/calling). TakBokasyon means “takbo para sa bokasyon” or a run to promote and support one’s calling or vocation towards religious missionary life in the Claretian Congregation. The activity was open to all the members of the Claretian communities; Professed Members, in formation, faculty and staff, students of schools, parishioners and organizations in the different parishes under the Claretian Mission, lay partners and organizations in the mission, employees of various Claretian Institutions and communities, beneficiaries of the different apostolate and mission centers of the Province.

The Claretians would like to thank the commitee members and staff and the following sponsors for making the event a success:

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