The Share Special Issue: The Year That Was; A Year Ender Report

The Year That Was; A Year Ender Report
CCC Officers 2003
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“We call all families. Rise up and raise your hands up high.

Come show the world the love that binds all God’s children into one.”

Claretian seminarians takes center stage during the 4th World Meeting of Families in Manila together with the Diocesan Animation Team of the Diocese of Novaliches as they perform the opening, mid and finale presentations of that grand occasion. It was the debut of these 10 young men to be seen in the international television via  7 Television Network. They had performed the BIGKIS Medley, right after that heart whelming speech of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, that served as the opening of the third part of the closing activities of the great event.

While the performer group is on stage, chatting with the celebrities at the back stage, the rest of the Service group were busy in selling the official candle for the 4th WMF within the vicinity of the Grandstand. The Expectators Group on the other hand stays with the RMICM sisters just in front of the stage taking the advantage of the swooping cameras.

Being consistent with the theme “Family, ” the ARTIST @ CLARET.COM re-staged the Joseph and His Amazing Multicolored Coat musicale at Claret School Gymn on February 8 and 9. There were changes in the production and many criticisms as well. Despite of the criticisms, the message was relayed to the viewers – never loose hope, always dream and reach for that shining star. The team was able to raise P 24, 000.00 +  which where then used for the family day held before the end of the school year

As one big family, the whole community went to Matabungkay, Batangas for the annual outing and recreation day. The community stayed there for two days and one night savouring the salty waters of the sea. It was a time of sharing one’s experiences for that school year for the last time with those who never came back in June.

Family …… Family……… Family………. And so there was the first ever Family Day in the history of the college. Families of the seminarians from all over the Philippines come to Claret Formation Center for this pioneering great event. This took place in March 12 – 14, prior to the graduation of Batch 2003. The families had the chance to experience the activities of the seminarians from early morning prayer and rosary walking down the boulevard, to night prayer. There were fraternal gatherings at night, forums and group sharing in the morning, and a chance to interact with fellow parents or relatives and with the formators. The family day concluded with the simple family Eucharistic celebration at the Xifre chapel and ended with the commencement exercises of the seniors the following day.

Goodbye Seniors, Welcome Freshmen!

The school year 2002-2003 ends with the Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Exercises at the Stephen Sala Chapel graced by the newly elected Provincial Superior, Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF. The now sophomores to the now seniors, took their vacation right after the family day in their respective provinces. Sophomores came back to welcome the Freshmen in May and Juniors take their summer classes in public and private colleges and universities in their respective provinces and cities. On the other hand, most of the Seniors took a grand vacation, nothing to do but play, sit, eat, be with the family, and be with friends. The Postulants came back to the seminary in the third week of May and immediately proceeded to Tagaytay for their formation program.

The whole community was not surprised when  they learned that there were only seven freshmen who entered the seminary. One from Mindanao, one from Quezon, and the rest are Oraguns, from Bicol.

And so Academic Year 2003-2004 started with a big difference, few new Claretians who came in, but many new faces in the classrooms. There are a lot of externs in the college – Alagad ni Maria, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Sons of Charity, Piarist Fathers, and the Society of St. Anthony (STALEF) who came after three weeks since the start of classes. Everyone were sad too when everybody learned that some had left and will never come back again.

Two seminars were held respectively. One was the awareness of the SARS killer disease and the other was of the awareness of the scandals of the church and its effect to vocation formation.

Foundation day was celebrated as well as the feast of the Martyrs of Barbastro. Different activities passed by until it was again the end of the 1st semester. Seminarians from Luzon brought and fostered the Visayans and Bisayas in their humble homes for a week. On the other hand, Joseph and Louie joins Fr. Sammy, in promoting the Claretian congregation in Bicol, giving talks and entrance test to young interested high school graduating boys.

Second semester came in and a new set of officers for the CCC were elected. Its been three chapters now that three successive Bicolanos are elected as Coordinator.

The Gawad CCC on its fourth year of awarding merits to CCC members who are responsible and deserving of affirmation holds its 4th Gawad CCC Awards night on that very occasion of the Kamay – Kainan sa Court, October 23, a night before the feast of the Father Founder. Opening of Sports Cup followed in the morning of the feast day together with the presence of the Alagad ni Maria (as Contemporary Team) in the Pilosopoy’s Cup. It’s the first time that the externs joins in the Sports activities of the Seminary.

The feast day was celebrated as grand as it was before. Seminarians joins the faculty and staff of Claret School, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, the Claretian Communications, the Claretian Sisters……. In other words, the whole Claretian Family in the grounds of Claret School as they party, dance, eat and show off their talents.

The varsity, on the other hand, after  two games retrieve from its entry as part of the 2003 Conference of the Inter-Seminary League. The Basketball team has just won one game against the Augustinians and loss one with the Franciscans, while the Volleyball team has no win at all.

The retreat was due to conflicts in the internal affairs of the CCC and of the Seminary.

It was not only in the studentry that has changes, it was also true with the handling of responsibilities of the formators. Fr. Paulino B. Manila, Jr., CMF, the Registrar-Rector becomes the Superior of the House/Rector/Registrar at the same time since the start of the Academic Year. Fr. Bernardo Blanco, CMF becomes the sole Spiritual Director of the House and gave up teaching Spanish after he underwent a major heart bypass operation in mid September. Fr. Rowan Luza, CMF becomes the President of the College since Fr. Samuel Canilang, CMF was appointed as Director of the CCI and of the Vocation Ministry. Furthermore, Fr. Rowan is assigned to Claret School as Spiritual Director and just recently as the Administrator of the Formation Center. Fr. Agapito Ferrero, CMF, former Econome of the college was assigned to fully take charge of the administration of the Claret Retreat House.

Finally on November 28, the most awaited moment has come, the Advent Party! If there’s the celebration of the Advent Party, it implies then that vacation has started. The seminarians will spend their one month Christmas vacation with their families and friends in their respective provinces and homeland.

Goodbye 2003! Hello 2004!

There’s an old life to end and a new life to welcome!

CCC Officers 2003

January – March          Louie Guades III © Teo Vir Samodal (VC) Raymond Cruz (S) James Anthony Cama (S)

May          &n bsp;          & nbsp;    James Anthony Cama & Raymond Cruz

June – September      Giles Marbien Villareal © Endas Gardoce (VP) Jac Magalso (S) Salvador Puyo (S)

October –           &nbsp ;       Rollie Bicaldo © Leonel Sese (VP) Nico Cañaveral (S) Heran de Sagun (S)

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