The Share Vol. 16 No.2 July-Sept. 2000

The Share Vol. 16 No.2 July-Sept. 2000
CMF Marks 151st Foundation Day
Mary:Worthy of God’s Call!
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The first semester of the current academic year is almost over. For sure, some of us here in the community have been preparing for a memo- rable and exciting week-long semestral break. However, many are anxious on whether they would still be accepted for the second semester, a perennial anxiety which always hal\nts the seminarians before and during the time when professors and the formators meet for their dialogue. Setting sarcasm.
and cynicism aside, it is for sure that there would be seminarians who would resort to the so-called “survival tactics” with the hope that they would still be able to stay in the seminary. It comes to no surprise at all if there would be some who would start showing off sudden spurts of holiness, initiative, friend- liness or even hardwork. On the part of the professors and the formators, would it be safe to assume that they are starting to form their
recommendations? Anyway, banish the thought.
If there is one thing that we should be “worried” about, it is our fu- ture. Yes, our stay here in the seminary may be included but we are talking about a different thing in here. We must now try today to check ourselves if we are really destined for this kind of life we are presently treading. This is what we call “envisioning the future.” If we are convinced that we are for this kind of life, then we should now start making practical goals and plans on how we could achieved becoming Claretian Missionaries someday. Ifwe are not. convinced, then it is also an oppOliunity for us to have a reality check. Wasting °UI:years inside the seminary when we could have lived and aspired for the life that God planned for us is really a sign of immaturity and even stupidity. The base line in here is that before we make and decide on what could be the best for us, we must try to check ourselves first. Do I know myself? Do I know what God wills me to do? Do I know what to do? Does it make sense? Do I know where I made my mistakes? These are just some of the questio~s we have to answer.
But also remember that the future, if we are to seriously think about it, is not there. It has been here. It is already happening. Thus, if you do good in your academic, spiritual and psychological life and if you are convinced that God is calling you to a missionary life, you have just given yourself a passport to success. If you claim you love your vocation but the said factors essential in formation are amiss or in shambles, better think twice. You might be fooling yourself.

Therefore, if you have made everything for the good of your voca- tion, then there is nothing to fear when the formators and the professors meet for their “discernment.” Reward yourself a good night’s sleep and a sound mind. After all, you know that you are in the right track and that you have already envisioned your future. And, it pays if you really know yourself for it is the key in knowing where God wants you to be. “Life is harsh for those who do not know where to go but life is sweet for those who make God their way,” a writer once said. Take time to think. Be decisive and be realistic. And, have a cool, exciting semestral break.


The Philippine Province of the Claretian Missionaries celebrated the 151 st foundation day of the congregation last July 16,2000 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in UP Village. Quezon City.

Highlighting the event was the celebra- tion of the solemn pontifical Mass presided by Most Rev. Romulo de la Cruz, DO of the Prelature of Isabela, Basilan. Within the mass, the theology students renewed their temporal vows of chastity, poverty and obedience before Fr. Carlos de Rivas, CMF, provincial superior and Fr. Leo Dalmao. CMF.
Bros. Angelito Ancla and Pedro Cleofe of the Formators Team also renewed their temporal vows.

After the Mass a simple “get-together” followed at the nearby Claret School


The Central Coordinating Committee of St. Anthony Mary Claret College sponsored the first- ever Gawad CCC Awards which was held September 17,2000 at the college auditorium.
The Gawad CCC Awards, through the initiative of John Ryan Cordova, CCC Coordinator, were presented to those who have given exemplary service to the community during the 1st semester of the cur- rent academic year.

Text Box: Topping the list of winners are Jonathan Valiente, who won the Animator of the Semester award, and Victor Villavicencio, who was given the Vice-Animator and Beadle of the Semester awards. Other winners were Food RT (RT of the Semester), Liturgy RT (tv1ost creative RT of the semester), Efren Decrito (RT Secre- tary of the Semester) and Cornelius Mahinay (RT Member of the Semester). Roy Vincent Sausa, Francisco Calderon and Percival Jones Oliva IV were given the Special CCC Awards for their efforts in assisting the CCC in its programs and projects.
The winners, who were rated by their peers and the Responsible Teams, were chosen on the basis of the criteria, formulated by Bro. Angelito Anela, CMF, adviser of the CCC.


The college community welcomed Fr. Paulino B. Manila, Jr.. CMF as its new Prefect of Students and Vicar last July 13,2000 after taking a two month-long formators course in Spain.

Fr. Bords, as he is known, was born on AprilJ, 1965 in Carmen, Bohol to Mr. and Mrs. Paulino Manila, Sr. He entered Claret Semi- nary in 1982 and was ordained to the priest- hood on March 29, 1992. His previous assign- ments were in Surabay, Zamboanga del Sur and in Basilan where he served as parish priest for SIX years.


The college community celebrated III the Feast of the 51 Claretian Missionar- . ies Martyrs of Barbastro last August 12, 2000 with a mass held at the FS chapel. II; The Mass was presided .by Fr. Felicisimo Tarroza III, CMF after giving a day-long recollection to the college community. The veneration of the relics of the martyrs highlighted the said eu- charistic celebration. After the mass, Fr. TalToza blessed the exhibit, featuring the pictures of the martyrs, and led the dedi- cation of the FS and JS residence halls to Stephen Sala, CMF and Joseph Xifre, CMF, respectively.
A fraternal gathering in honor of the martyrs was held at the college audi- torium on the same day.

Mary:Worthy of God’s Call!

The Blessed Virgin Mary stands out among God’s people as the recipient of God’s special grace and as an excellent witness to it. Her whole life was a sacrifice of praise and worship to God’s greatness. In complete obedience and humility, she willingly opened herself to God’s word. Through her the Word of God became flesh and has lived among us. She played a unique role in Text Box: God’s plan of salvation.
God”s promise was fulfilled through Mary. Jesus” coming into the world was the fulfillment of the promise of God to the people ofIsrael. Mary’s role in the fulfillment of God’s promise was vaguely fore- told in the Old Testament. After Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise God said: I will put enhIity be- tween you and the woman, and between yaw offsprings and hers. Likewise Isaiah prophesied: Therefore the Lord Himself will give you this sign: the virg~n shall . be with child, and bear a son, and shall name Him “Emmanuel. “Mary, the Mother of God, had no wordly ambition but expected everything from God at whose service she put her entire being.
Mary’s answer to God’s invitation to become the mother of His son expressed her total trust and con- fidence in Him. She was totally ready to let God take possesion of her whole life. Said she: / am the servant of the Lord. Let it be done to me as you say. God’s call to Mary does not in any way limit nor impair her free- dom. Mary’s acceptance of this offer was her own free choice which she gave to the world that very life that renews things, and she was enriched with gifts befit- ting such a role. This gift was seen in her Immaculate Conception. It meant that from the very moment of her conception she was free from any stain of original sin. It was a privilege she received from God so that she would be able to give herself wholly to her son and his saving mission. This ~as done in anticipation of the merits of her Son in whom all humankind was re- deemed. Mary proved herself of this privilege. Throughout her life, she did not commit any mortal sin. She remained faithful to God in .obedient and humble service to His will expressed in her fully in- volved virginity. Mary was and remained a virgin before, during, and after the nativity of Christ. Al- though Mary did not fully understand God’s plans for her son, she accepted them in faith and confi- dence.

The Gospel says: Mary treasured all these things and reflected on them in her heart. She remained loyal to her union with her Son unto the cross. She united her- self to His sacrifice and lovingly joined Him in His total self-giving on the cross for the salvation of hu- mankind.
Mary’s whole life was dedicated to the mis- sion of her Son in humble and obedient service. God honored her, rewarded her perfect faith, hope and char- ity and took her up into the heavenly glory where she was reunited with her Son. As such, she became a model and a sure sign of hope for the Church. Because of her unique role in God’s plan of salvation and as Mother of the Church, she truly deserved the special venera- tion of the Church. As true Christians, we must honor and venerate Mary in our lives. In her, we may be able to see what marvelous things God can do to all human- kind.

THE SHARE AY. 2000-2001
VOL. 16 NO.2 JULY-SEPT. 2000
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