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The Share Vol. 17 No. 2 October 2000
The Wee Hours of their Founder’s Feast Day
A Voice
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If we assume democratic information highway, in which all participants are free to disseminate information and have the means to do so, we then face the question of free speech. The right to free speech is, of course, a cherished principle of our democracy. It is protected by our constitution, and it is also constantly challenged in court-issues relating to pornography, politi- cal extremism, civil rights, personal harass- ment, conspiratorial content, and so forth.
Naturally, issues of free speech will play an important role as the information highway. Free speech has been a major issue on the Internet, our closest model of the future information highway, and on commercial networks such as CompuServe and America Online. These commercial networks reserve the right to remove any material deemed offensive. But, according to the general counsel of America Online, it is a delicate balancing act to do so without infringing on the first amendment rights of the constitution.
The Internet is a truly democratic forum. Millions of people use the network every day and can post messages, virtually covering any subject. Traditionally there has been Internet etiquette, which, if violated, can result to public embarrassment by Internet users. The “netquette” enjoins users from using the internet for commercial purpose such as advertising, from using ob- scene or abusive language, and the like. But this form of peer-group regulation is rap- idly losing its effectiveness as the Internet keeps growing. One of the most controversial issues on the information highway is the dissemination of point graphic materials, simply for the commercial purposes.

There are dozens of news groups on the Internet that cater to various forms of “electronic sex”.
Forms of those conferences are simply for people to exchange erotic thoughts expressed in text form. Others provide digital pornographic images. Such “electronic smut” is readily avail- able as the wall streetjoumal puts it, “as advancing technology make it easier to send high quality video by computer, electronic smut is traveling more to more corners of cyber space, with prosecu- tors in hot pursuit.” .
Obviously, some of this smut is illegal, such as child pornography. In this article, it is reported that the United States Customs Service has launched a campaign called “operation’long arm” to crack down child pornography distrib- uted by computer.
A major problem with elec- tronic pornography is how to prevent monitors from gaining access to it. Por- nographic retail establishments prohibit minors from entering the store. How do we prohibit minors from joining the sex bondage conference?
It must be remembered that children do not have enough personal, moral or religious formation required to face and make choices as participants in the new culture. The Church must re- flect and take steps on the se issue. More- over, the issues must be addressed to the society, in general. As members of Church and of society, our aim is to lib- erate children from confusion and domi- nation brought by new age of civiliza- tion, “the Information Revolution.”

The Wee Hours of their Founder’s Feast Day

October 24, 2000 is a very important day for the Claretians all over the world because it is the feast of their Father Founder St. Anthony Mary Claret. The day started with a creative rising as usual the seminarians went down to have their morning prayer, they had their daily cleaning to prepare their abode for Claretian visitors. The Literary Responsible Team of the college sponsored the Essay and Poem Writing Contest (on the. spot) held in the Library of the: Academic Building. The con- test started at exactly 8: 15 up to 9: 15 in the morning. On the other hand the rest of the seminarians (who were not participants of said contest), spent the morning in the Auditorium playing parlor games together with the Claretian Sisters. After that, came the most awaited part of the day, the Climax. All seminarians were over- whelmed by tables filled with victuals and continuous feeding provisions like ice creams, apples, and other foodstuffs. In the afternoon, all seminarians were all invited to play but some were just plain spectators.

The team of formators and the college seminarians joined forces and made a powerful force that set the court on fire!! After that afternoon of total enjoyment, the seminarians hit the showers and done their best attire for the mass.
The mass was concelebrated by many Claretian priests and one of whom was Fr. Jonathan Bitoy, CMF, who will leave for Taiwan for his new mission. He recited the touching Prayer For Sending Forth after him the Provincial Superior, who was the main celebrant, handed him the bible and the cross.

Immediately after the mass, the seminarians rushed to their rooms, put on their for- mal attire for an affair held at Claret School. That night was memorable for all seminarians because they spent the night dancing freely and some of them were named dancers of the night. All were pooped, and left Claret School with flaming shoes. They called it a day… and they slept immediately after reminiscing their wee hours, for they have still classes tomorrow. Yawn!


“In the midst of loneliness, you will realize that friends are important in life. ”

In a semi nary 1 i fe of an individual one must learn to mingle with his companions. But I noticed in myself that there are times when I feel more iso- lated than to be with others. I grew up in a communi ty wi th friendly atmosphere. I went to school as a genial student with full of friends who supported me in my ups and downs. In this age of my adolescence, still I am as a ffab 1 e as I was compare to my childhood years.

NOW in my college year in the seminary I came to realize that I’m no longer in our place.
This is my realization that led me to questi on thi ngs I don’t understand. I’m no longer in my parents.
r’m now on my own. They have been supporting me finan- ci ally but they’re not he re when my problems drag. I am afraid to tell other about my weak- ness. My incertitude brings me
to isolation. I want to break the chain that ties me open myself to others. This is one of the thorns that hinders me to acheive my ideals in life. God is my only shield that pro- tects me from discouragements. Despite of all these trials, I still beleive that I will surely acheive my dreams and overcome thi s weakness. speaki ng of i so- lation don’t you notice that we really experience this when we encounter problems. Isolat- ing yourself to the world be- cause of fear, means that it is a matter of expressi ng ones bur- densome problems that isolate
you most. I realize that dur- ing this point in time a friend is needed to whom you coul d confi de thi ngs.
Being isolated not only happens when you have prob- lem. It also happens when you feel alone.

-Arens Wagas


The youth’s attitude, con- cept, and cultural background have already changed from conservatism to liberalism. there are many factors that affect their behavior. the impact of lib- eral education, new fashion or style, and advancement of information technol- ogy shape their minds, and thus change their outlooks in life.

In the seminary contest, for- mation is very important. Aspirants must learn how to I ive, adopt, and evalu- ate the new culture which they take part. The future missions lie in their hands. They are future shepherds who will take care of their flocks which Jesus Christ gave to us the greatest example during hHis time. He’s presence is truly liberating, spirituality and materially.
Therefore, the right and appro- priate approach is necessary to guide them as leaders in the new culture of the new millennium.
“I s conservati ve approach still [ strictly] necessary in the Claretian Formation?”

No, because in the 20th cen- tury the implementation of “conser- vatism” in the CO/lte.”t of religious for- matio/l i~’ /lot effective. CO/lservati.’im must /lot be put into practice in our formation. (Ralph Beltran)

Yes, but not necessarily conservative all the time because we are in the modern times. We should lessen them, if we don’t want to act like “old fashion/led people. ” As a seminarian we should not disregard the Conservative people because when we be- come priest we might become Conservative also. (Stephen Donor)

To be or not to be, is a matter of choice and faith. We have different tastes, different choices and different preferences in life which we Wlll1t to keep as they are. I beleive that at this age we still need to be conservative, but not as in tlte olden times. To be conser-

vative is good but we need to put limi- tations because we are are living in the modern time. (Victor Villavicetlcio)

For me I’m more of a cOliform- ist than u/lcofmist individual. But this does /lot mea/l that I’m slave or a pup- pet to comma/ld, decision. Being a con- formist gives me a lots of chances to coliform with myself and especial(y the call of God. (Mark Tristan Tagab)


One morning while I was on my way to my apostolate, a little girl whom I’ve known only in a gossip keeps on following me. They said that she’s nearly insane and that whoever will be followed by her will have no chance of escape.

“Oh, my God help me please, I don’t want to
die'” as I say my prayer while my heart beat rapidly I never dared asking her neither to have a glimpse at that crazy little girl because she keeps on looking at me with her big and wide- open eyes After an hour, the little girl approached me and
she said: “Can you be my Text-Mate?”

– lamrag-

Our professor in Psychology was out one day, and so the hard driving head of the college took over. When our regular Professor turned, she thanked us (her class) for our patience. “I know it’s difficult with a sub,” she said: “Sub?” one of my classmates groaned “That was no sub. That was a destroyer”

-On in-


Lyrics-Roland Pacatang Music-Jeason Gingo

A         &nbsp ;          &nbs p;          &nb sp;          &n bsp;          & nbsp;   c#m
There were many times I thought you’ve left me,
Bm         E          &nbs p;          &nb sp;           E

Moments I felt discouraged and depressed,
A         c#m          &n bsp;          & nbsp;   Bm

I was starting to ask myself if you really do exist,
Bm          c#m          &n bsp;           E

But what I thought was truly wrong,

Bm         &nbs p;          &nb sp;          &n bsp;      A-c#m-Bm-E-E7
You were always here and walking along

God, I am ashamed for doubting You,

Bm         &nbs p;          &nb sp;          &n bsp;  E
Feeling not worthy to be with you,

A         &nbsp ;          &nbs p;          &nb sp; c#m
The thing that I can offer as my repay,

Bm         &nbs p;          &nb sp;          &n bsp;          & nbsp;        E
Is the thing that I can only give, my whole self

Bm         &nbs p;    c#m
I know you were always hence with me,

Bm         &nbs p;          &nb sp;         c#m
Helping me to pursue my journey,

Bm         &nbs p;          &nb sp;          c#m
To accomplish the plan for me.

Repeat first stanza

A Voice

(Heherson Balabbo)

I thought that life was just a fantasy

Living in the world of melancholy

Full of weariness and dreary

That was the meaning of life for me

Then one day I heard a voice

As subtle yet so shaking

It changed my sadness into joys

Amidst the nation that was falling
“Take up my yoke”, He said, “I’ve

chosen you.

Lead and set my people free”

“0, Lord,” I answered, “here I am.

Though I’m not worthy, I’ll follow you

Called by Him to be a servant of the


Throughout the nation the Word

must be heard

Faith, hope and love are His graces

Keeping everyone’s heart with living



Text Box:
I malleable; not hard
4 select or pick out
8 carefully examine for accuracy
II existence to date
12 large fishing net
15 one who argue noisily
19 swell of the sea that breaks upon the shore 21 reciprocal of AMAZE
22 cut away gradually
23 ebony: Spanish
25 not any
27 me, you and I
29 view or knowledge
3 I comfort room: acronym
32 the: Spanish
33 offensive smell
36 coarse or rough
38 amount: abbrv
39 trade-mark
41 of: Spanish
42 expression of sudden emotion
43 eagle’s nest
44 sharp
47 high explosive made by nitrating tolvence: acronym

48 god of ammonites and Phoenicians

J familiar saying
2 giant monster that eats people 3 disturb
5 utilize
6 him: Spanish
7 speak imperfectly
9 b_. honey wax-making insects 10 twitch
IJ gradation
14 fault
16 seize suddenly
17 channel 7: acronym
18 lean or slender
20 low, marsh land
24 informal of OVER
26 shade tree
27 characteristic of the city
28 dry
30 bare
34 sense of hearing
35 unite closely
37 to believe, to judge
38 same as 42
40 wild animal’s home
45 act of refusa1
46 before Christ: acronym


What is it in a minute that is twice in a moment and not even once in a thousandth?

If a man was born 20 years ago, what would be his age now if his older brother is 19 years old 5 years ago?

What gas can be produced if you mix vinegar with baking soda?

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