The Share Vol. 17 No. 3 November 2000


By Angelito Ancla , CMF

Elumble persons are gz:eat petSCI1S. Isn’ t this a cx:nb::a- But isn’ t MXher ‘lbemsa of Ca1cutta a gxeat wanan? Isn’t Olrist g:r;eat? He hmbled himself too. What makes them great is the way they relate with others. They make others feel good and gxeat about thsnselves. That is tiIy others CXX1Sider thangxeat.

H\.mble persons give im- ~ U:: to ot:heJ:s :fimt . ‘Ib:!y serue others because they esteem oth- ers so ItUCh.

HLmi.J.i ty is a virtue that arises :fmn a pcsi ti VIa :Drage of ae- self. Hunble pEq?le acknc:Mledge their gi£tec:Jness as well as their l:iJnitaticr.s. And ~,~ t.~.f ap- prEdate God’ 19 gift to them, they
readily appreciate and accept other’ 19 gi;ft:eaIess. ‘lhey are also nom undeJ:st:andir¥ of the limita- t::i.m9 of ot:heJ:s.

H1.rd:>le pEq?le are sec:::un! about themselves. They have a grasp of who they are. They are oonvinoed that they have so rruch leMa :in their hearts. ‘lhey:beliew! :in t:binr apICi ty to loue ot:he.1:s as wall.{ is t:J::uti1fiilna. It cbes not disgl1ise or project an .mr age of being strong or weak . Humble people like to be them- selws .

‘lh1s let us feel great and be grateful about ourselves. ~ will discover then on how to be hunble. Greatness and humility are not cx:nt.radi.ctm: values. ‘Ihe!y ccuplEmmt eaCh other .

But ImSt :inportant of all, hmility is a ftuit of ~. It is
:in ~ that we 1eam to be great and to be htmble. Prayer makes us more aware that we are soos and daughte1:s of the father , brot:hezs and sistm:s of Christ and tmples of the H::U.y ::pirit. It is :in prayer that we see who we truly mallyare. Arxi that is the:r:eascn to be g:r;ea t and to be hmble.


by: Ryan Carcbva


ERAP RESIGN! RE- SIGN! . ‘!his was the shout of the people who attended. the prayer rally at EDSA Shrine last Novem- ber 4, 2000. The Claret Seminary Communi ty under the delegation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish at UP Village went there to show their support to the C1.urch position for mAP’ s :z::es- ignatioo . ‘lb3 pt:ayer rally starterl with a special (7 sorrows of Mary) led by selected profes- sionals and ended with the speech of Former President Corazon C. Aquino and the Arch- bishop of Manila, His Eminence Jaime Cardinal L. Sin,DD. The rally was at.l:si drl]:y diffen:nt re- ligious institutions NGO’ s and .


Nov. 1 , the college exm- muni ty spent the whole morning at H:imlayang Pi1ip:ino to pay hcm- age to Fr. Reel Gallardo, eMF and Fr. Eugenio Perez, Q.1F. There they prayed the rosary and blessed the tombs of the said ClaI:etians .


Earl was suffering turror in the brain and so this day he consulted Dr. PillB’Ttel.
“what can I do for you?” Dr.
Pimentel asked. “well, I’m very weak and my heart alWlYs palpitate. since I’ve gotten this t1.rIDr” he said with pity himself. “Ah, I get it..}OJ v.on’t last lcng I’1a.\l.Yoait! I’ll give ten seconds to prepare yourself, you might not accept v..hat I’ve discovered” says Dr. Pimentel. Earl, I’lC1IJ at the peak of his nervousness, stayed calm vJ1ile Dr. Pimentel was counting
lIrI.nre. eigt. 5B.EJl.six. fie. fur. . .
three..:t\ O…one…” counti ng . Earl was dead vJ1ile Dr. Pimentel reached the last count excit- edly

“YOU v.on the LOTTERY! ! !” he exclaimed at the top of his voice.



As Filipinos, we believe in spirits which inhabit the so-called world. These spirits co-exists in the world of human beings and matter. Indeed it is part of the traditional beliefs of most the Filipinos especially those living in rural areas. And we can trace it back to our ancestors who believe in anitos, spirits and other forms of supernatural.

Ghost stories as fascinating topics which we lis- ten to attentively when someone talks about them. We hear these stories from our families, friends and other people. We see them from television and read about them in some books.

Philippine cinema produce them as Filipinos really want to watch these kinds of stories. Moreover, Filipinos believe that there are two kinds of spirits that inhabit the world. The good spirits do not harm human beings, instead they help humans improve their lives. The bad spirits harm human beings.

Here in Claret Seminary, there are rumors, stories among the seminarians that there are spirits roaming around the seminary. Examples are the white lady of the mango tree, the ghost of room 307, walker of the corridor, the lady voice of paging system and many other stories .

Many of the seminarians are afraid when they hear these kinds of stories that they might see these creatures. Even if we believe in God and are preacher of His word, that does not
hinder seminarians to believe in spirits and to become frightened when we hear see them.

-Jul.ius Boado


By Ben Picardal

Zoren Kirkegaard says
that “life is betb!r ~d :in mtrospect. ” Iookin;;J back thez:e- :fure a1Ja..E us to clearly scrut:ini2Je ourselves. The many experiences we have stand out as li vinq mem::>- ries of the pst .

M:ma oft:en than rx>t, semi.- narians are the a:es Slbjected to this J:egan:i . kLple titte given to them is basically the reason of havingso. They have always d1ance to oonfXalt themse.lves :in the midst of sol ti tude. M:maso it is inevitable for them to :a!nB\r ber theglorious manents that axe t.axbed their lives – m:::m:nts that gave neaning to the very cme of theirhea:rl:s.

Q:r1e that they are it will. acf1er;e a:nt:i.noosly in their raincE and it wiU always be thme espe- theu.c ::ad..$ of J.a1eliness.
Did we tJ:y the a~ of 1B11i- Is it he1pful? AI:e we en- :Jc¥.inJit?
I’m ve1:y fort:ma.te for J:e- oeivinq such \:I’1iqJe gift ftanHim. It helps me absoJ:b ny pz:eoocupa.- tions and even opens the way to the pleasant memo- . It is bIt a way of g::xinq back to cur experiences that ind1lge us to see our worth as per:sa1S.

‘lhis ntUj1t be a petty th:in;J to be :iqxm:d bIt it sha.U.d be tzea- sumd as far as I’m cx:rxJeIned. ‘!he g:xx:i haI:Pened befO:te was snat:d1ed already by aIXi the only way to recall than is by J:EItB’Iberinq them. In fact, these beautiful t:hin:1s is a:e of the best that life has to offer. Could you just let them pass away without thanks-
gi v:irg?

So, be in touch with yoor pnwious life fran time to time because you will reap sanethinq £ran it.

Could you?T%y it noItl and be carried away. You have the dxxice. . . . bIt I will. tell p1 sene- thin;J .




TONIO… ‘” SUPERMAN Harold Adriano

Ang dating lID’y isang nakisig na kabalyero Nil 1 ulan ng i sang kaI:a]o;] SLDt ay 00.1 uti ng val ang ka 1 CMaI19 Ha\ak ang i sang rmhabang si oo.t at Handing paslangin ang drag:ng unaapoy na nakaantabay sa toreng Kinakukulungan ng minimithi rrong si Mlri a ,

Sa pagsunod lID sa dantJuha 1 ang ka 1 aban , Pinatunayan ng iyong puso Nil Wllang oo.lakid sa iyag pangarap Nil pagsilbihan and kap.oa. Hay, Mtmi 0 b..rti hi ng a 1 agc:vj ni Kri sto , tJahabang panahon ang sa ati ‘y naragitan, ~it sa 1ElQarap, at rraging sa W1ay, ta~’y Matalik na IIBgkaibigan.

Ngayo’y nais sundan ang yapak ng iyong sinirrulcn, f-Bbang nakatitig larang sa napakakaakit na hiv.ega Ng kari m 1 an. Habang 1 ural ang:>y and i si p , Sa 1 CMk ng dagat ng i yag pag- i bi 9 Nai s tu 1 aran ang IJ9a ha 1 i rrbcw:Ing sadya nga NCmi ng nakakabi 1 i b HaI:arg ti natavi d ang IBJa5a sa 00.1 sa ‘ BOO ang loob na sa iyag dalarpasiga’y Mapapadako.

Gaya nga ng iyong sinabi hlJAlag manganba, Habang ang tivala ay buo kay Maria ako’y lciJdJyan papalayo nul a sa
MapagkurMari ng si 1 akbo na
Minsa’y uralipin sa isarg tulad ko.

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