Updates on the Aftermath of Yolanda

Ormoc City – November 21, 2013 – Fr. Eduardo Apungan, CMF reported morning of Thursday that 2000 household from the six barangays under the care of the Claretians are now in queue at the Claret Novitiate House for the distribution of the 1000 sacks of relief goods that were sent thru private boat that arrived last Tuesday in Ormoc and brought directly to Sitio OCREP where the Mission Center is to be found. Fr Educ said that there are almost 2,500 households in the six barangays (Milagro, Lake Danao, Cabintan, Gaas, Liberty, Dolores) that were affected. Furthermore, he said that trip to Cebu and vice versa is now available so it is easy already to buy rice and stocks from there. The sad thing is that no government relief goods are distributed in the area. Only in some parts that the helicopter would drop relief. There is a very longe queue of trucks and buses in the Pan-Phil highway in Matnog, stranded and could not bring in more goods. The only best way to bring in food and materials is through private shipping companies that can dock at Isabel, Leyte then bring it by land to the mountain area.

November 20, 2013 – A Committee on Relief Operation had been formed composed of Frs. Lito and James, CMF, Mr. Ticman, Ms. Marsha, Lisa, Arvi and Marjorie, and Bros. Jo Stephen and Kevin, CMF Wednesday, November 20, 2013 in Quezon City to take care of the proper distribution goods as well as the relief operations for the typhoon victims in Ormoc City, Leyte. The Claretian institutions (Claret School of Quezon City, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Claret Theology House, Claretian Lay Partners) will campaign for donations for the relief operations. Any donations will be accepted, either in cash or in kind.

All cash donations will be coursed through the office of the provincial secretariat or the mission procure office. All donations in kind will be turned over to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish at the Jerusalem Room. Acknowledgment receipt will be issued upon receiving the donations, either in cash or on kind. The institutions are requested to submit a summary report of all the donations received either in cash or in kind. A description (kind, quantity by piece, bag or box) should be given for donation in kind.

Target quantity of relief package: 1,000 bags and the content per package:
10 Kilos of Rice (200 sacks for 1,000 packages)
10 assorted canned goods (10,000 cans for 1,000 packages)
10 packs of noodles (10,000 packs for 1,000 packages)
2 packs biscuits (2,000 packs for 1,000 packages)
2 sets of clothes for adults (2,000 sets for 1,000 packages)
3 sets of clothes for children (3,000 sets for 1,000 packages)

Optional content will be: Blanket, Mosquito Net, Flash light, Batteries, Toiletries, Kid pack (for infant/babies), Diapers, Clothes, Things to buy
Pails, Plastic straw, Plastic bags, Additional Rice (if needed). Everything will be shipped from North Harbor to Isabel Leyte, then travel by land from Isabel to Ormoc. Anyone who wish to volunteer may come to the Jerusalem Room at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City from 9-11 am, 2-4 pm, 4-6 pm, and 8-11 in the evening.

For those who would like to help, you may deposit your donations to:

Bank name: BPI Kalayaan Branch
Account Number : 001993-2042-81
Account Name: Claret Hope Fund
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
CONTACT DETAILS: Claret Mision Procure / Justice, Peace and Solidarity Desk
                               8 Mayumi St.,  UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City.
                  (63) (2) 9295040 loc 105 Mission Procure
                  (63) (2) 435-1210; (63) (2) 921-6683; (63)(2) 922-0029 Fax: (63) (02) 929-0986 IHMP
                  (63) (2) 925-4669 Vocation Office
                  (63) (2) 921-6587; (63) (2) 921-6617 / 921-7316 to 17 / 921-7376 / 921-7554 to 55 Claret School of Quezon City

November 19, 2013 – The relief that Bro. Kevin asked from Loyola School of Theology and Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan finally arrived in Ormoc Tuesday night. Fr. Bords together with some novices helped in the recieving of the 1000 sacks. It will then be distributed to the neighbors the following day.

About 4,000 have been confirmed dead in the aftermath of the storm, which is said to be the strongest to make landfall in the world’s recorded history.

Ormoc City – November 18, 2013 – Fr. Anthony was able to upload the first clear pictures of the house and the novices posing in front of the destroyed chapel of the novitiate

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Ormoc City – November 17, 2013 – Fr. Eduardo Apungan with Ms. Sol arrived in Ormoc today to see the situation of the area and the community in Ormoc.

Quezon City – November 15, 2013 – The Claret Theology community coordinated with the Jesuits of the Loyola School of Theology and of SLB to extend and bring relief goods to Ormoc City, particulary to the mission area of the Claretians. Finally, relief will reach the area that was also devastated by the super typhoon Yolanda.

Fr. Anthony said that until now no relief operations had been done or given to the people in the villages in the mountain, to the neighborhood. They intended to go to Cebu today but they were not able to do so because there were no available tickets in both ferry transportations available from Ormoc to Cebu and vice versa. They had been asking all of us to include them in prayer and to contact the authorities who can bring goods to the people living there in Milagro and in the nearby barangays.

Ormoc City – November 13, 2013 – Fr. Anthony reported Wednesday that the members of the novitiate community are practically depending on the livestock that the community had been taking care of during the past months. Water is available. There is no electricity yet since practically all of the electric posts along the highway were toppled down. They are using the cars to charge their mobile phones so that they can communicate outside. Communications were restored already in the area. Fr. Rene is safe in the mission house and Bro. Nicer went back to his home town in Palo after staying there for a day. The people around continue to ask for help, food, clothing and shelter.

most recent foto of the novices and their formators

The families of the novices and of Fr. Bords, Fr. Anthony and Fr. Rene are advised not to worry for their sons are safe and sound. Relief operations are now being organized by Claret School of Quezon City, the Justice, Peace and Solidarity Desk of the Mission Procure in order to help the people of Milagro. The bank account and name are to be found below. Likewise, the Kapatirang Claretiano, Inc headed by Mr. Robert Laurio, also called for relief operations especially for the families of the KCI members affected in Central Visayas area.

The Claretian Province of the Philippines is very much grateful for the continuos support, financial, inkind, prayers and moral support that had been pouring in from all over the world. Thank you very much and may our loving Father bless you all.

Ormoc City – November 12,2013  – We had the first glimpse of how the Novitiate House look like after the storm. The roof of the main building was blown away including the roof of the outer chapel, the refectory and the adjacent cottage. Only the two guest rooms were left intact. The photo was taken by Friar Fernando Cruz Lopez of the Ocarm who happen to live one block after the house and managed to take some photos of the neighborhood and uploaded it in facebook upon reaching Cebu.


Quezon City – November 11, 2013 – Two days after super typhoon Yolanda literally smashed everything along its path, news about our missionaries, the novices and the people became clear. Fr. Paulino Manila,  Jr., CMF, the novice master, Fr. Anthony Vo, CMF, and the twelve novices are all safe and are staying at the first floor of the novitiate house main building after the roof of the second floor was totally blown away including that of the chapel and of the two cottages. Only two of the four cottages were left with roof. The formation center down the novitiate house that was built by Fr Rowan and rebuilt by Fr Caloy was destroyed and there are some damages in the house. The chapel where the people took shelter during the storm is intact. Fr Rene is safe and managed to go to Cebu and was able to feed the situation to the provincial government on Sunday afternoon. The people who are helping the missionaries are also safe but all their houses are gone and they are now seeking for help. Fr. Pepe is safe and he is in Manila.

Moreover, Bro. Nicer Natulla who went home to Palo, Leyte for vacation and to attend a family affair, was finally known to be safe but reported that their house is gone too just like the other houses that were shown on national television.

The provincial government, through the office of the procure have posted in facebook the bank account of Claret Hope Fund so that if anyone who would wish to send monetary help, they can send it through that. The general government, through the words of Fr. General, had asked the entire congregation to extend any effort of solidarity to the Philippines

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