VIA GAGGIO (Lecco, Italy)

For Peace and Justice: an intense and shared experience of hospitality and promotion of peace

  b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture1.jpg  Inserted and in direct contact with the people, the Via Gaggio Community spends much time appreciating the synergies of committed young people and others to raise a voice against violence, the arms race, armed conflicts, etc.

      But not only this: for Via Gaggio peace is also health, happiness, a full life, for those who come by means of affection and participation. There have been many such initiatives during the existence of the community which is a model for many.

      b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture3.jpgTogether with peace, there is ‘ubuntu’ (humanity in Zulu) which is translated as identification and participation with the social surroundings (the political dimension of peace) but also in the welcoming each year of almost a hundred immigrant young people and youth. The main idea: to combine peace and justice so as to arrive at the co-existence of the differences.

       The Gospel, specifically the Beatitudes, define the framework for this meeting between differences.b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture2.jpg

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