The year 2020 has unfolded numerous tragic events in the world that has brought fears, separations, hopelessness, and uncertainties to people. We have witnessed the impact of climate change in natural disasters and how it threatens every single life on earth; we experienced how politics could be a polarizing agent that sows confusion and division among family and friends; and with the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid19), which many describe as the “defining tragedy of the year 2020”, we are now confronted with issues on mental health, anxieties, and isolations.  

Amidst these events, we ask ourselves where is the living Word that has promised us hope, protection, and salvation? Even the very structure, i.e. the church, has closed its door for us to celebrate the Word.

The Claretian Missionaries-Philippine Province and the Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc. invite everyone to WORD CONFERENCE 2020, now on its third consecutive year, on November 29 and 30 via Zoom from 8:30 in the morning to 12:00 noon (PHT). The Letter to the Hebrews 13:15 inspires this year’s theme, The Word and Worship: “…continually offer, through Jesus [the Word] a sacrifice of praise”.

We have invited these speakers and reactors to be our resource persons:

NOVEMBER 29, 2020

Speaker: Br. Carlito M. Gaspar, CSsR

Topic: Taking Seriously The Inculturation Discourse: The Urgent Challenge For Missionaries’ Evangelization Work Among The Indigenous Peoples

Reactor: Rev. Fr. Raymond Montero-Ambray


Speaker: Dr. Michael Demetrius H. Asis, PhD

Topic: “Were Not Our Hearts Ablaze?: Proclaiming The Word In Liturgy That Inspires Discipleship”

Reactor: Ms. Tinnah Dela Rosa


NOVEMBER 30, 2020

Speaker: Rev Fr. Jose Jonathan A. Bitoy, CMF

Topic: The Word In Time Of Pandemic

Reactor: Mr. Leo-Martin Angelo R. Ocampo, OP


Speaker: Rev. Fr. Alejandro O. Gobrin, CMF

Topic: Letter To The Hebrews: An Invitation To A Sacrifice Of Praise

Reactor: Rev. Fr. Anthony Q. Carreon, CMF


The objective of this year’s WORDCON is to be able to offer a sacrifice of praise in the midst of these tragedies. The event, therefore, encourages participants to continue to live for others, without putting one’s self ahead of the other. Truly, when we compete who can give more to the other no one will be wanting. Then even if the church is closed and liturgical celebrations are distant, we truly worship and praise God by bringing ourselves closer to the needy members of the church in our daily sacrifice. This time of crisis is not a time to ask but a time to give.

Moreover, our experience of these tragedies, especially of this pandemic, has also brought us all together; allowing us to appreciate the most essential things in life, to value relationships and the people around us, and to acknowledge that amidst our ominous situation, God has never turned his back on us. And for that, we have to celebrate life.

To register for free, please visit WORDCON’s official website, www.wordcon.ph

We hope to see you there!

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