WYD 2013 + Claretian Family Schedule of Activities


7/19/2013 – Friday

On this day, the attention will be focused on welcoming the participants to refer young people to the places of lodging and one activity of Knowledge of the Physical Space where will happen the experience of WYD+ CF 2013. It is suggested that the arrival of the young is carried out throughout the morning, up to 12h, due to traffic and by the families that welcome them.


Accreditation of participants (badges, Identification of the group, snack, card of food and forwarding to hosting).

Meeting with the groups responsible at 20h in School: “Heart of Mary”

FIRST DAY 7/20/2013 – Saturday


– 08h – Morning Prayer
– 09h – Reception general and presentation
– 10h – Dynamic integration of the participants of WYJ and video presentation on Brazil
– 12h – Lunch

 – 14h – Catechesis Claretian Missionary (the participants receive the missionary catechesis that will be announcing to the others).
– Division of young people in communities to share the impressions, existences and exchanging experiences about as being young in several parts of the world.

 – 19h – Dinner
– 20h – Great Celebration for participants. Time to collect the motivations of the day and encourage youth to the evangelization of the day follows.

SECOND DAY 7/21/2013 – Sunday


– 8h Morning Prayer.
– 9h Explanation of the activity to be held throughout the day.
– Testing of Flashmob.
– 12h – Lunch in schools.

 – Celebration of Missionary Catechesis:
– 14h – Moment of Mission – Evangelization of young.
– 16h The evangelization ends with moment of spirituality among communities, at the “Mary’s Heart School” and thanks for the fruits harvested.

– 19h – Dinner.
– 20h – Missionary Celebration of the Word: with the closure of all activities PRE-WYD.

THIRD DAY 7/22/2013 – Monday

On This date will be collected what was experienced the day before. It is a day of transition that can be welcomed with the knowledge of Rio de Janeiro, visiting the somewhere like Youth Claretian etc.

– In the afternoon, from 14h to 18h, there will be a meeting with members of Vocations and Youth from around the world. At the end of the meeting, all members of the Claretian Family (Consecrated and the Lay Claretian) that they accompanied the groups to the Rio de Janeiro will meet.

OFFICIAL WYD 23 to 07/28/2013 (Tuesday to Sunday)

During the days of WYD in Rio de Janeiro, we assume the activities organized by official WYD, coming back the groups of origin to forming and participating with your responsible of the events of WYD 2013.

DAY OF THE TRANSITION – 7/28/2013 – Sunday afternoon

Attend in the celebration of closure with the Pope (which will end up to 12h). By the afternoon it’s moment to rest because Saturday night and the morning Sunday will be intense moments.

In the second moment, to the responsibles of the groups, will have guidance on what will be held on the last day: proposal of the vocational retreat and moment of closure of WYD+CF 2013.

19h – Dinner – Colégio Coração de Maria.

20h to 21h – moment of animation.

LAST DAY 7/29/2013 – Monday


– Will be held two parallel activities:
– 09h – For most: A morning of reflection, which collects WYD experience, to evaluate and project the future.
– For who wish: A vocational retreat that will be customized.
– 12h – Lunch.

 – 14h – Festive Celebration.
– 17h – Mass of closing the WYD+CF 2013 in the Basílica do Coração de Maria.

– 19h – Dinner.
– 20h – Christian disco dance party.

FAREWELL – 7/30/2013.


Official Website of WYD 2013 + Claretian Family: http://www.jmj2013fc.org

WYD 2013 Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pgI_iMXzeM

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