Young Seminarians’ Opinion

What do you think about Fr. Rhoel’s on his First Anniversary of his cruel death?

1.Life is more meaningful, if you offer your life for the glory of God, sanctification of the members and the salvation of all mankind.  -Julius Boado
2.The dignity of Christian vocation is sharing in the Passion of Christ through resurrection.  -Ryan Gingco
3.It symbolized the true charism of a Claretian Missionary who offers himself to seek others.  -Mark Andrew Romero
4.Life is meaningless if you will live meaningless.  -Leo Fuyoc
5.We are not yet a christianized country where love and peace reign.  -Mark Tagab
6.The martyrdom of Fr. Roel Gallardo, CMF encourages Filipinos, especially the Claretian Priests to be martyrs in their own small way.  -Roy Sausa
7.It reminds me the great love of Fr. Rhoel to the people and how faithful he was in is mission as a Claretian Missionary Priest that he offered himself even though it would mean his death.  -Alfredo Era Jr.
8.All my life, without a doubt, I’ll give you all my life.  -Charles Jocris Mortela
9.His kidnapping and death may be a brutal end for a man of faith, but it became a call for unity and a symbol of what it means to become a Claretian, a son of Christ, a son of Mary, a son of Claret.  -Kjell Aboy
10.He suffered and died for love of Christ and for me, safe from others, just like Jesus suffers and died for us. He lost his life and found new life with God.   – Percy
11.God has given a challenge to the Claretians in order for them to prove once again their loyalty to Him.  – Earl Pimentel
12.His death is the wick of a new life, a peaceful country, a more united people of God.  -Louie Guades III
13.Death will never be a tragedy as long as you died for the greater glory of God.  -Ryan Rio
14.The kidnapping and killing of Fr. Rhoel is a great challenge for us, journeying this kind of life, in serving God and His people.  -Lauro Requitillo
15.The death of Fr. Rhoel strengthened my vocation or inspired me to pursue what I have started for the sake of faith and love for God and to my fellowmen.  -Efren Decrito
16. It means a new beginning of life and new hope for us young Claretian seminarians. 17. – Bryan Murillo
18.It is a symbol of courage amidst all the hardships a missionary should face.  -Mayus Ryan Ando
19.It gives me courage (and encourages me), to pursue what is meant to be – to die for the word of God and my faith.  -Rex Diaz
20.It means that our Congregation is alive and it manifests that God exists.  -RH Pacatang
21.It is a challenge for me to continue sailing on to God.  -Joel Quipao
22.It inspired me to persevere more with my vocation.  -Stephen Donor
23.Living is not worthy without dying for Mary.  -Jonathan Valiente
24.The martyrdom of Fr. Rhoel is inviting us to persevere in our mission.’His service and His reign.’   -Jeason Gingco

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